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All The Hype: Splatoon

All The Hype: Splatoon


The next big thing is Splatoon. Everyone, and I mean everyone is talking about it. It’s Nintendo’s pride and joy. They are promoting this more than any game I can remember – Nintendo is putting a LOT of eggs in this basket.

Nintendo of America has a Twitter account, and, of course, I follow it for all of the latest trends and updates.Its new profile picture is that of Splatoon. Basically, rather than the timeless Mario face, they’ve switched the profile picture to one of a game that hasn’t even hit the shelves yet.

Many tweets from this same account promote Splatoon-based events. Recently, there have been specific sites where people can show up and sample this new game. They can try the demo. They can see what all the hype is about. They can decide for themselves if Splatoon will really be that good. They even held an online event where Wii U owners could download a free demo. However, this demo could be accessed only at a specific time. And during this short span of time, the Nintendo servers were LOADED. I tried my best to get a little taste, but it was SO BUSY. Nintendo sees this as a good sign.

Nintendo has also been holding other events to highlight the quirkiness of game. Rather than just a demo, they invited well-known gaming celebrities to reenact the gameplay. Yes. They literally ran around with guns that shot a color – we’re talking real-life Splatoon. So rather than promoting this new games through conventional means, Nintendo is trying all sorts of new things. I mean, this is a new kind of game after all, right?

Honestly, I have some mixed feelings about this supposed blockbuster.  I’m really not all that convinced that Splatoon is the savior that Nintendo is predicting. Sure, it will probably be a fun game. And yes, Nintendo has never had a shooter of this caliber, but they’re toting this game around like it’s already brought home the awards.

I want to say that the Nintendo community will embrace this game, but we are used to Mario and Kirby and Link. This new concept and new approach may not land with all of the players. That could be partly why Nintendo is hosting so many events – they want their current follower base to know what they are getting into.

I’m hesitant to jump on this bandwagon, but I want to trust that Nintendo knows what they’re doing.

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