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guldan nighthold

Race to World First: Nighthold

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With the release of 7.1.5 came the new raid Nighthold, the second full tier of raiding and gear for the latest Warcraft expansion, Legion. Ushering in the current tier of…


WoW TESPA Collegiate Dungeon Race

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This past weekend, Blizzard hosted and streamed the World of Warcraft (WoW) TESPA Collegiate Dungeon Race, in which four college teams competed to see who was the best, using the…

rise of the kaldorei pt1

Lore 101: Rise of the Kaldorei

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When the world of Azeroth was still new, the Titans created what became known as the Well of Eternity, a seemingly infinite fount of power and magic for the planet….


The Road to Embracing My Inner Geek

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One game, 10 years, and several creative, nerdy pursuits have changed my life completely. As 2015 wound down and we entered the season in which everyone talks about how thankful they are for…


Lore 101: Evolution of the Aqir

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Although the exact origins of the Aqir are still unknown, it is believed that the Aqir race (which later split into the Nerubians, Qiraj and Mantid) were an Old God…