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Lore 101: The Tol’vir

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Among the oldest of the races created by the Titans, yet a race that was the least known about until recently is the Tol’vir. Players first encountered them in the Ahn’Qiraj…

why deathwing had to die

Lore 101: Fan Question Edition

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This week’s article is something a little different. When I started, I wanted to educate and bring information to fans and non-fans alike of the Warcraft universe. Not long after…


Lore 101: Alexstrasza (Part 3)

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While Alexstrasza had retreated to Northrend and settled at Wyrmrest Temple, calling together the Wyrmrest Accord, which was an alliance of the four dragonflights against the blues who were waging…

alexstrasza pt2

Lore 101: Alexstrasza (Part 2)

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As with all things, the Aspects eventually agreed to step back and watch over the smaller races that had begun to populate Azeroth, keeping an eye on them and ensuring…

alexstrasza pt1

Lore 101: Alexstrasza (Part 1)

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The largest of the dragons and most respected of the Aspects, Alexstrasza is sometimes called the Life-Binder, or Queen of Dragons. Imbued with the powers from the Titans to watch…


Lore 101: Nozdormu

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As the other Aspects, Nozdormu started as a simple proto-dragon with higher intelligence and limited capability for speech. What he is now, though, is one of the most extraordinary of…

neltharion pt3

Lore 101: Neltharion (Part 3)

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While Deathwing was recovering from the attack by the Rhonin and the four Aspects, he was not sitting idly in hiding. His children, Onyxia and Nelfarion, who were very heavily…

neltharion pt2

Lore 101: Neltharion (Part 2)

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Unfortunately, although it took almost ten thousand years, Deathwing did discover the hiding place of the Demon Soul. While he knew he couldn’t wield the Demon Soul himself any longer,…