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Before I write anything more, I just want to put forth a suggestion; nay, proclamation. If you don’t own a 3DS by now, get one. Get one right now because they’ll be sold out by next week if they aren’t already. The Season of Nintendo is right around the corner, and everybody should be playing the Super Smash Bros. demo.

There are only five characters to play, but they picked five perfect characters. They chose three familiar faces in Mario, Link, and Pikachu. The controls are essentially the same as past games, so gamers will feel right at home. But there are two new characters to try out: Villager and Mega Man. These guys are awesome.

Villager has so many inside jokes from the Animal Crossing series. They can ride on Lloid the Gyroid, he can plant a tree, and he can also recover via Balloon Fighter flying. While I do wish that there would be some way to connect your New Leaf save file to Super Smash Bros., I realize that may be too much to ask. The coolest thing that Villager can do is pick upYes. Picking things up is Villager’s greatest ability. Let’s say that Link throws a bomb at Villager. If you simply press the B button (with precise timing, naturally), you can pick up said bomb. Just pick it up, and it’s gone. Perhaps the same thing could happen with a charged shot from Samus? Villager’s pick up attack could prove to be extremely valuable.

Mega Man is just as fun as Villager – and as we’d expect, he has all kinds of nostalgic attacks. By pressing UP and B simultaneously, Mega Man bounces off Rush, his little red robotic dog. Actually, most of Mega Man’s B attacks are complete nostalgia. He shoots gears, leaves, sticky bombs. It’s amazing. But the coolest thing about Mega Man is his LEFT and RIGHT smashes. He shoots a charge beam; he has a ranged smash. This makes Mega Man a constant threat. He can unload a crazy burst of energy with relative ease, and when he jumps, it looks just like old-school Mega Man we all know and love (and if you don’t love him, who even ARE you?).

Super Smash Bros. is going to be a 3DS hit – Nintendo hit a stroke of genius by releasing a demo. There is no doubt in my mind that Super Smash Bros. will be the best selling game since Pokemon X & Y.

Recall my prediction that this would be the season of Nintendo? Hyrule Warriors comes out tomorrow. I know it’s ridiculously reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors, but I’m just so pumped for this game. In all honesty, I thought that it came out today, so I rushed over to the store and it wasn’t there. Nothing. I must have lost track of time. Or Hyrule Warriors has gone straight to my head and I’ve totally lost my mind. Whenever the hell it comes out (really – tomorrow) you can bet I’ll be one of the first in line to grab it. It is absolutely the most hyped Wii U game that we’ve had since MarioKart8.

Aaaaaand I’ve been playing Final Fantasy IX. Expect a little something about that soon.

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