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Evolution of a Geek

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When I was a wee lad the word geek was rarely used in a kind way. It was a defining label served to make those passionate about something feel alienated…


Batteries Recharged

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It has been a really mad week, with exciting news about d20crit on the horizon that we cannot wait to share along with the BlizzCon and World of Podcast events…

Crazy Ones

Comedy Works Without Canned LOLs

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I’m really starting to wonder (okay, I have for many years now) why we still continue to have laugh-track sitcoms. I never really noticed it grating me back in the…


International TableTop Day

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It is here! What will you be rolling? To start the day off I need to decide what shirt I’m going to wear – I’ve narrowed it down to one…


Why is it dark at night?

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A quick and brilliant lesson in physics explaining why it is dark at night. The answer isn’t as easy as you’d think! Fascinating stuff… 


Who ya gonna call?

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My sister was just driving down the highway (as a passenger, so don’t fret – wasn’t being naughty with her phone) and saw this pure awesomeness! I actually saw the…


A quick look at education

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In a quick break from my regular geeky posting, here is a very insightful info-graphic on a subject very dear to my heart: Education.


Got my Mac on with Marvel Heroes

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First things first, if the double entendre of the post title flew over your head, then words cannot describe how excited I am for Marvel Heroes. An MMO coupled with…