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CBS’s Dreaded Monday Time Slot

By January 14, 2014 Pulp Non-Fiction No Comments

NBC’s The Blacklist made its mid-season return last night and, although it hit a season low (2.5 vs 3.2) it beat the living shit out of CBS’s Intelligence which aired only its second episode. Last week Josh Holloway’s cyber-spy drama raked in a 2.4 following NCIS but then was immediately moved to its Monday time-slot only to have to face off with James Spader’s Raymond Reddington.

Anyone who has been watching the NBC show knows you don’t mess with Red.

[pullquote align=right] “If you want my list, you have to play by my rules.” – Red Reddington
[/pullquote]Intelligence saw the largest drop of any new show this season (and possibly for a few seasons now as far as I can recall) so we can pretty much expect this to get canned shortly. The only thing that can save it now will be when the DVR numbers come in later – but I don’t expect it to change it by many points. I’m sure CBS are scratching their heads at what show to use on a Monday night because everything else is pretty much getting eaten alive (previously, this season, it was Hostages which has since been cancelled).

Good news from the weekend is that on Sunday The Mentalist scored a 1.8 (up) and this, I am hoping, will be enough to save it. I actually enjoyed the Red John chapter vs the reboot but I’ll get my Patrick Jane fix anyway I can! It ended on a nice cliff-hanger (something lacking in the reboot) and maybe we’ll see some masterminded madness soon…

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8Kyi0WNg40′]

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