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Hip! Hip! Hooray!


I’ve got some good news, though for those of you who are plugged into the world of Nintendo, this won’t be new to you. Have you ever heard of a developer called Retro Studios? Hmm. Well, maybe you have heard of the Metroid Prime series. Maybe you’ve heard of the Donkey Kong Country Returns series. Retro Studios doesn’t have Nintendo in the name, but don’t be fooled. Nintendo and Retro Studios are best friends.

This friendship has made some fantastic games, and due to Nintendo’s need to explode back onto the video game market, it seems as though Nintendo is making a smart move. The other day, Retro Studios revealed that they have a few job openings. Now, most of this is just speculation on my part, but it seems that Nintendo is planning something big. Metroid Prime-big.

Also, this just in, there may be an explanation why Nintendo hasn’t been doing so well on the video game market as of late. Sony has been selling a lot of systems lately. A lot of systems. Like, the heads of Sony can’t explain why they are selling so many PS4s, and they are unsure whether sales will flat-line. They don’t think that they can sustain this pattern. There may be an explanation for this spike in sales, however. Sony boasts not only incredible graphics but incredible games, too. Most of the PS4s best-available games are either third-party developed, multi-platform, or both. But that’s not what you think of when you think of Nintendo.

When you think of Nintendo, you think of Zelda, Mario, Pokémon, etc. The big-name franchises, right? You don’t pick up a Wii U to play Assassin’s Creed. You get a Nintendo system for the newest MarioKart. And honestly, with the release of MarioKart8, Nintendo is doing well again (financially). But I think I know why the folks at Sony are unsure. Have you seen the games that Nintendo is about to dump on the public?

Not only are MarioKart8 and Super Mario 3D World already available, there are some potential must-buys coming into view. Nintendo is giving gamers a reason to buy a Wii U. Right now, without MarioKart and Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo has only a few worthwhile games on the market. But that’s soon to change. Soon, we will have a new Kirby game, a new Zelda, a new Mario Party. But there’s something that I’m even more excited for. I want to know what Retro Studios is up to. Are they working on a new Metroid? Is it something better? My mind just goes crazy when I think about it.


I do agree with Sony. I  don’t think the spike in PS4 sales will last forever. Soon, people will be buying Wii Us left and right. People will want to play Hyrule Warriors. People will want to get the new Super Smash Bros. Just wait. Pretty soon, I’ll be writing about how Sony’s sales aren’t looking so good.

What’s an XboxOne?

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