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Hypermode: Metroid Prime

Hypermode: Metroid Prime


I’ve done it! I’ve beaten Metroid Prime on the hardest difficulty: Hypermode. This difficulty level is so challenging that you can’t even attempt it without first beating the game. Yes, you heard me right. The only way to unlock Hypermode is to beat the game. Then you can try Hypermode.

I do want to take the time to acknowledge the difficulty of Hypermode. It’s hard. Obviously. But the average Metroid Prime player will still have a whale of a time playing through it. Enemies do 50 damage – half an Energy Tank – with one attack. One hit does half an Energy Tank’s worth of damage. Should I say it again? So when you start the game, you have one single solitary Energy Tank. So yes, two hits and …ya die. So, run-of-the-mill gamers, beware.

However, I am not your typical gamer. I am the Metroid Prime champion! After much deliberation, I’ve concluded that Metroid Prime is my sixth favorite game of all time. After reaching that realization, I knew I had to play through it again, but on the hardest difficulty. Dun dun dun

And I still love it. It wasn’t outrageously hard, but I did have to be a bit more cautious. But if I got scared, I just blasted everything with Super Missiles. And it helps that I have a natural affinity for Metroid Prime games. So I found tons of Energy Tanks and Missile Expansions. And I straight up kicked butt.

If I’m being completely honest – and I always am – I’d tell you that Metroid Prime is a must-play. Actually, I think I will tell you. Metroid Prime is a must-play. along with the fact that this is my number 6 most favorite game, it is a respected game all over the gaming community, and for darn good reason. The wonderful mix of exploration and puzzle-solving makes for an innovative masterpiece. It was good enough to warrant two sequels- all of which are just as amazing as the original.

But I want to talk about Hypermode; met me not digress too much. I don’t think anyone has ever said, “Oh yeah, Metroid Prime is an easy game. I whooped it, no problem.” No one has ever said that because it’s not true. It may be a challenging game, but it’s rewarding, too. When I finally beat Omega Pirate on Hypermode, I was pumped. It took me a while to get the rhythm down, but that’s the beauty of it. This game is an elaborate dance, complete with aliens and explosions.

I’ve been playing a bunch of new games. And when I say new, I mean new releases. I beat Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. I’ve been playing a ton of Super Smash Bros. But now, I’m going back in time. I’m playing games that I haven’t touched in years. I went back and beat Super Mario RPG. I played through Kirby Super Star. So I had to go back to Metroid Prime.

And honestly, it aged incredibly well. It looks somuch better than other GameCube games. The controls are fluid. The music is extremely atmospheric. And to imagine that this is the first of three games… WOW.

If you learned anything from this, I hope that you learned about old games. Sometimes, new games are lame. SOMETIMES, THEY’RE COOL. But sometimes, they suck  and you’re stuck between a rock and the release date of the next Fire Emblem, but there are always old favorites. So rather than looking at your video game library and drooling, actually play one of them. Those games stand out as great games for a reason. They aren’t just collectibles. They are works of art. They are your MarioKarts and Metroid Primes. And if you want a new take on an old story, play Hypermode.

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