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Interview with a Cosplayer: Lindsey

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Cosplay Ms Marvel on Avengers Set

As a big fan of Tumblr I’m always blogging images that stand out to me on almost any geeky subject. I will always try to find the original source though, sadly, the way that micro-blogging has evolved ownerships get removed along the way and you end up chasing sources down rabbit holes.  Earlier this year I reblogged a photo of female Thor with an impressive costume – I was able to cite the photographer but it was quite a mystery as to who the cosplayer was. After the image received some 50-something reblogs I noticed a Tumblr repost comment from the cosplayer.  How small the world is – I finally found my source!  It was great to finally touch base and get talking so, without further ado…

Meet Lindsay, 28 from Washington, DC: Auditor by day – Superhero Re-inventor by night…

How long have you been working on the Female Thor costume?
Before I debuted the costume in October of 2011, I worked on it for a good solid 2 1/2 weeks, with about 2-3 hours of work put in every other day. The majority of the time went into the head-piece, which was probably the most complicated aspect. It’s covered in a mixture of real feathers (chicken, turkey, and owl).

You mentioned you try to upgrade one piece every time – what is the latest upgrade and how did you go about doing it?

The latest upgrade was a simple ‘redo’ of the armor pieces on the dress. While I’m currently working on using real metal to replace what is on there now, I used a mixture of foam, ‘rub n buff’ metallic wash, and paint to create the illusion of real metal. The initial version I did in October didn’t turn out very well, so I took what I learned and redid them for this recent convention in April.

 Why Thor?  Were you inspired by the movie or the comic?

I’ve always loved Thor – both the comics and the movie. My friends tend to think I have a personality like his – and honestly I have to say I agree with them.

Fun fact – this Female Thor (save a few minor alterations I made to it to make it easier to wear) actually exists within the comics. In the Earth X timeline, Odin turned Thor into a girl – and she wears the outfit I created.
Who else do you cosplay?
My other major costume I do is Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers).  I also cosplay Phoenix/Jean Grey, and various other characters depending on my mood prior to con. She’s another character I truly identify with.
The Ms. Marvel pictures blew up online when Gail Simone (a writer for DC comics) commented on a shoot I did by LJinto and it went from there.
It’s weird, but this beautiful shoot reminds me of a theory—that some costumes look better on a real person than on a comics page. This outfit looks better here than in most Ms. Marvel comics appearances!
You can’t get better than a compliment from a source like that! Who can we expect to see in the future?
For San Diego Comic Con, I plan on debuting my Iron Man (female) armor, my Gem (a Siren from Tron: Legacy), and perhaps the new costume that Ms. Marvel just received – Captain Marvel.
So what got you started in Cosplay?
Honestly? I’ve always been huge into Halloween. When I was a junior in high school (before convention going was very big), I made a Sailor Jupiter costume and took the children I babysit out for Halloween – they were my excuse for dressing up. Once I graduated college I met some friends who were into cosplay and they encouraged me to go to conventions; that’s really what got me hooked. The friendships I’ve made from people I’ve met there, and the fun I’ve had pretending to be someone else for a day – it can’t be beat. It’s the one chance where I can actually be a Superhero for a day.

Geeks, in recent years, have become integrated into society where it isn’t just socially acceptable but went on to earn the ‘cool’ status to finally leading the way – something that was not the case when I was younger.  Where do you feel cosplay sits?  Does it tend to be “embraced by many but understood by few” in terms of family and friends accepting?

Personally, I’ve been really surprised how my friends and family have reacted. While I still get some strange looks at work when I tell them what I’m doing, my father is surprisingly supportive – he’s been active in trying to help me in recent months and has expressed interest in helping me more once we live in the same city. I think San Diego Comic Con, and its high profile nature, really has made cosplaying more acceptable in the past few years.
Outside of cosplay – what are the biggest influences in your life?
Probably my father. My mother passed away about three years ago, and I’ve realized how incredibly lucky I am to have a person like him in my life. We’re best friends (honestly), and he’s more supportive of me than any person should be. As I said before, he helps me with my cosplay, supports me fully in going to conventions (I’ve tried to convince him to go with me – no luck just yet!) and is in general just wonderful about everything.
Speaking of influences, the now infamous picture of the little boy who sat on Tom Hiddleston’s shoulders wearing a Captain America shield has jumped to epic proportions. Over on Geek Watch there was a great article written by his Dad (a must read which my wife simply defined as ‘adorbs‘) and I noticed at the end of the article a photo of you in your Thor outfit with him!
Edison, the boy, was at New York Comic Con (2011) with his Dad and were hoping to get that picture signed by Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans. He was in line behind us and I recognized him from Tumblr. The kid was the sweetest!
Thanks so much for sharing – looking forward to what comes out of Comic Con!
Thanks for contacting me! Here is a picture of the back piece of my Iron Man costume I recently covered with silicon.
This is a picture of my Gem costume that my friend has finished up
You can follow Lindsey on her Tumblr and keep up with her projects!
For further information, questions, queries or if you have a geeky pastime you want to share with others, want to be interviewed and get some promotion or are involved in the geek-community then drop d20crit a line here or via Twitter and we’ll make it happen!

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  • Sami

    I hope to get in to cosplay this year but so nervous about what people would think. This makes me feel me confidence. Thank you!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/lindsey.pirate Lindsey The Pirate

      I think the most important thing you need to remember is that  there will be people there just like you. Do a costume you feel comfortable with, and have fun! That’s the main point, anyways. I hope you end up doing something :)

    • Tris

      Go for it! Cosplaying is all about having fun! If you find you need tips or encouragement there’s an amazing group on Facebook called “Defenders of the [Cosplay] Faith” full of cosplayers, new and old, supporting each other! It’s fun to see what others are up to in the very least!