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Last Week in Geek – Week of February 24   

Last Week in Geek – Week of February 24  

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Dragons of Tarkir


  1. Wizards of the Coast announce Dragons of Tarkir

Magic: The Gathering publishers Wizards of the Coast have announced the final set in the Khans of Tarkir block, Dragons of Tarkir, will be released March 27, 2015. The set’s focus will be the mechanic manifest, as well as three other new mechanics, and contains 264 new cards. The pre-release event will take place March 21-22, 2015 and qualifying card and hobby stores will receive a special game board where players will roll a special spin-down dice knocking over scored targets to receive special promotional items. These dice (pictured above) come in five colors representing the breath attacks of the five dragon lords.



  1. Giant Spacekat drops from PAX East

Boston game developer Brianna Wu, co-founder of Giant Spacekat, has decided to pull her company from this year’s PAX East festivities after they received over 40 threats of varying nature toward her and her team. Her team approached her and expressed these concerns and after several attempts to work with PAX organizers to shore up additional security procedures went unanswered, she felt obligated to come to decision to drop out, stating to return in 2016. Brianna is known for being outspoken and critical of the male dominated video game industry.





  1. Lionsgate and Telltale Games Partnership

Announced earlier last week, Lionsgate has “made a significant investment” in the future of Telltale Games. As part of the new partnership, Lionsgate Chief Executive Officer Jon Feltheimer has joined the Telltale Board of Directors. Lionsgate will ensure their film and TV brands are driven into the video game realm, while at the same time Telltale will be able to tap into those brands and to receive marketing and a direct connection to content creators. Moving forward, the two would be able to co-develop existing and original concept intellectual property into games, television, and movies in the near future.




  1. TwitchCon

Twitch, the premier venue for streaming video games, has announced that they will host their first ever convention. The two day convention will take place in San Francisco, CA, on September 25-26, 2015. Not many details are announced, but one would assume live content, panels from industry leaders, and a strong connection to the video game community will be featured at the event. One would also expect vendors from hardware, video game, marketing, and software companies relative to streamers will be present at the event.




  1. Darkest Dungeon

Red Hook Studios developer Tyler Sigman is warning people seeking a copy of Darkest Dungeon that a seller is pushing fake, illegal copies of their game on the Windows 8 app store. Sigman took to social media issuing the warning, and asked for a direct contact to the Windows Game app store. Red Hook Studios, the company behind the game’s production, further stated that the fakes are 2 MB files and the only legit copies come from Humble Bundle and Steam.


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