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Last Week in Geek – Week of June 30

Last Week in Geek – Week of June 30

By July 9, 2015 Geek News No Comments


Dreamhack coming to North America

Dreamhack, the “World’s largest digital festival” is coming to North America next year. The home for the North America event will be in Austin, TX on May 6-8th, 2016 for the inaugural launch. The reason they are making the move with events in North America is simple: we have the largest viewership of their other events. Marcus Lindmark, CEO of DreamHack has said that they are hoping to hold a second event in another region of North America in 2016 as well.



Runescape adds new planet and raids

Raids, Big Cats, Fast Lodestone Teleports, Elite Slayer Creatures and a brand new planet await! That is the tagline for the big news for the upcoming update for Runescape, the browser based RPG released all the way back in 2001. The game has grown quite a bit since then, including two major upgrades to the engine it runs. Jagex, the makers of Runescape, are also working the World Wide Fund for Nature during this update raising month for endangered cat species.



PewDiePie $7.5 Million in 2014

Felix Kjellberg, or, as his fans and haters know him – PewDiePie – earned a whopping 63 million SEK in 2014. The YouTube persona and character was created back in 2012 and Felix is now working for Maker Studios, with which he recently signed a deal. His account boasts 37.8 million subscribers and he will make around 34 million SEK. Kjellberg sometimes seems to shy away from his fame, “Money is the topic I purposely try to avoid for the five years making videos. Because I just feel it’s not important to anyone, I just want to make entertaining videos.”



zFrostStephen Frost joins World of Warcraft team

Stephen Frost, who was most recently working for Carbine on Wildstar has left to join the World of Warcraft team as design producer. The position may be akin to the role of a Project Manager with a focus on deadlines and helping aid products from start to finish.



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