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Lore 101: From Vrykul to Human

Lore 101: From Vrykul to Human

vrykul to human

One of the constructs of the Titans, the Vyrkul, are shrouded in a bit more mystery than the Earthen. Not much is known about their role – or if they had one – during the shaping. While they had reached a point in their intelligence development at which they were aware of the dragons’ fight against Galakrond, they looked upon their creators as gods, believing that none could compare to the Titans’ strength or power.

An unknown time after this, the Vrykul were struck with an somewhat unknown malady, very likely the same Curse of the Flesh from the Old Gods that the Earthen suffered from. It caused their children to be born stunted or disfigured, and the Vrykul themselves were torn about how to deal with them. While some Vrykul beseached their leader, King Ymiron (who is the final boss in the dungeon Utgard Pinnacle), to show mercy, others rallied and cried that they should be killed in order to keep their race “pure”. After deliberating for some time, King Ymiron came to a conclusion that had dangerous ramifications for the Vrykul – since the Titans didn’t answer their pleas during their hour of need, they were the ones responsible for the curse. To further this decree, worship of the Titans was then forbidden and any parents of the malformed children were ordered to kill them – or face death themselves.

To carry out the decree of their king and to ensure that those who tried to flee or protect themselves were made an example of, Skadi – a ruthlessly vicious Vrykul warrior – was charged with the task of hunting down those who attempted to defy the decree, and killing them. While an unknown number of Vrykul and their children were killed, others managed to escape and raised their children in secret, traveling to an area close to what is now the Arathi Highlands. From there, those who were not deformed taught the outcasts how to survive on their own, and left them with supplies before returning back to Northrend. The outcasts thrived, and grew their own civilization and kingdoms, calling themselves humans.

An unknown time later, but before the Sundering and the time the Earthen fell into their own hibernation, the Vrykul also collectively went into hibernation, abandoning their villages and fortresses. They did not awaken until Arthas sat on the Frozen Throne, most notably just before the war against the scourge and the Lich King began. Many believed he was a god of death and pledged themselves to him, joining in the pillaging and destruction wrought by the scourge in Northrend.

While many pitted themselves against the mortal races in the war, a few pledged themselves to the Watcher Thorim, who resides in Ulduar, while other small pockets of villages joined the Twilight’s Hammer or covered themselves in scales, barnacles and seaweed, giving rise to rumors that they were ghosts of Vrykul past.

After the war and Arthas’ death, many went back to their own devices, leaving the remnants of the scourge to their fate at the hands of adventurers. There has been no official word of their fate since then, or whether they will become relevant again with the return of the Legion.

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