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Mewtwo Strikes Back

Mewtwo Strikes Back


As if we needed another reason to play Super Smash Bros., there is a new character available. If you bought a copy of Super Smash for both the Wii U and 3DS, Club Nintendo was kind enough to supply you with a code that unlocked one of my personal favorite Smash Bros. characters of all time, Mewtwo.

And that’s exactly that I did. Obviously, I’ve since been playing as Mewtwo non-stop. And he’s just as good as I remember. He plays exactly as he did on Melee, if not actually better. His controls on the Wii U are smooth and wonderful and his character model is stunning. Even better, he has a full array of colors to choose from. So if you want to be regular-colored Mewtwo, you can. If you want to be Gatorade-Frost-flavored Mewtwo, you can. But you can’t be poop-brown Mewtwo. I called dibs.

Actually, Mewtwo’s moveset has always baffled me. He’s a psychic-type Pokémon, duh. I know everything about Pokémon. But okay. He’s psychic-type. So why is his main attack Shadow Ball? That’s ghost-type.

But I digress. Choosing Mewtwo as a DLC character was an ingenious marketing move. Up until recently, Mewtwo was only playable in Super Smash Bros. Melee. And honestly, Mewtwo, along with Roy, were the only reasons I go back and play that at all, though it seems everyone has such fond memories of it. So by including Mewtwo in the new Smash, Nintendo has found a way to manufacture nostalgia at will. And I can honestly say that I haven’t played this much Smash since the game’s release. Nintendo found a way to pull gamers back in.

I love it. I love being able to whip out my old strategies on the newer characters. I love being able to kick the crap out of Pac-Man with a character who actually deserves to be in the game.

Whooooooops. That was a bit harsh.

But this long-awaited DLC stuff seems to be Nintendo’s new modus operandi. Now, with both Smash and MarioKart, we’ve been subjected to months of waiting. I want to race as Dry Bowser SO BADLY, but I have to wait. And when the day finally comes, you can bet your sweet booty that I’ll be playing some serious MarioKart8.

But for now, I’ll be honing my skills with poop-brown Mewtwo. Remember, I called dibs.

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    Hehe, you said pooooooooooooooooop.