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Mobility: Nintendo & DeNA

Mobility: Nintendo & DeNA


So as a Nintendo enthusiast, this allegiance with DeNA has me a bit worried. I know Nintendo as a creator of video game masterpieces. They’ve brought us amazing titles like The Legend of Zelda series and the Pokémon franchise and so much more. Whenever Nintendo puts its name behind a project, you know that it’s going to be something incredible.

Of course, Nintendo had to branch out to third-party developers and every once in a while, a third-party developer will stand out. Thanks to games like Fire Emblem and Paper Mario, Intelligent Systems has become one of my favorite developers.

I don’t know if this equation will necessarily translate to the mobile scene. Granted, I’m not very familiar with DeNA as a company, but Nintendo is taking a real chance by teaming up with them. Obviously, Nintendo doesn’t have much experience in mobile games and I agree that they needed a partner in this adventurous expansion to the mobile world.

But it’s risky. The payout could be incomprehensible, but then again, it could totally flop. This partnership could spawn some really fun mobile games, but in all honesty, I (personally) don’t give a crap about those games. Sure, maybe they’ll make a fun game… but if I start playing a Nintendo-brand mobile game, my soul will ache.

It will ache because I know better. I know that I’m supposed to be playing Nintendo games on my Nintendo system. I know that the mobile gaming world is a real, successful thing, but I’m more than hesitant to get involved. Nintendo games are meant to be played on the consoles that they made. They are meant to be played in a controlled atmosphere. If I’m going to face off against Ganondorf, I don’t want to do that in a waiting room. I want to fight the final battle in a room with mood lighting, with no outside noise.

Then again, I’m what we like to call a purist. I know for a fact that there are PLENTY of people who are pumped about this partnership, and I’m sure that it will produce some amazing games for people who are into, or open to, mobile gaming. But I’m not as much the target demographic as I might seem on paper. This DeNA-Nintendo thing is aiming for those people who are still playing 2048 and Flappy Bird, or who don’t mind a shift in gaming medium. That’s not me. If I start playing a game on my phone, I’m wasting time. I’m wasting time that could be spent playing a game with full-on characters, plot, you name it.

I guess I’m scared that Nintendo will shift their focus and stop producing games that are truly great. Expanding to the mobile scene is genius and probably a solid business move on the whole. I know that. But I don’t like it.

And look, I know that Nintendo doesn’t exist to please Andy Briggs. I just hope that Nintendo is adept enough to juggle both mobile games and masterpieces.

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