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New Age of Ultron Trailer: All the Feels, in One Video

New Age of Ultron Trailer: All the Feels, in One Video

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We are 48 days away from the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, or 56 days if your country has the May 1st release date. Being so close to the big day means that we start getting all the goodies that come with the final steps of post-production: promotion.

Press tours, tons of interviews, posters, toys and trailers are just an example of all the fun stuff we get during this precious promo time.

In the last few days, we’ve got the official poster and character posters for every Avenger (and even Fury!), but yesterday, Marvel made a move that broke the fandom, and it all started with a tweet.

The official Avengers Twitter account shared the following message, encouraging all Marvelites to click the “unlock” button and then “tweet”. It took some time but we eventually got it!

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 7.12.52 PM

I must confess that when the news broke about a new trailer being released this week, I thought, “well, there’s nothing new they can show, right? Unless they finally decide to grace us with a look at the Vision!” Naturally, they proved me wrong.

I’m going to try to keep my composure, because I am overflowing with feels. Wish me luck. Let’s start.

“I was designed to save the world,” says Ultron to the Maximoff twins at the very beginning of the trailer. Talk about making an impact! Ultron on a throne is one of the scariest things I think I’ve seen this week.

Ultron continues his evil speech and delivers this very creepy line: “There’s only one path to peace… their extinction,” and so the destruction begins.

Then comes the part that broke me, because I am extremely over protective of Tony Stark (because it’s totally normal to have those feelings for a fictional character, right?). Here we have Tony explaining to Bruce that he has created artificial intelligence: the Ultron program. Damn it, Tony.

Next, it’s just a small taste of the tension that will build up between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers which will eventually lead to the events of Civil War. You better prepare yourselves; this movie is going to make us suffer from FEELS.

Then… wait. Is that Loki’s spear, from  Avengers?

Is that Tony?! Tony, no! Put down the spear! Damn it, Tony.

Black Widow will be more bad-ass than ever, as you can see on the trailer when she says “I’m always picking up after you boys” right before she picks up Cap’s shield.

And just when I was about to catch my breath… that thing at the end. It’s being called “the post-credits scene of the trailer”, which sounds a bit ridiculous but it was the best thing they could have added.

Just… watch it.

Now, please allow me to have a fangirl breakdown, which I have been containing all day:

  • Avengers Tower, guys! Remember we saw it in a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment during Captain America: the Winter Soldier? That place is looking fine, Stark. Well done.
  • Bruce and Natasha! Hulktasha! The ship I didn’t know I shipped until I saw that precious scene in the trailer. I bet the existing shippers went wild.
  • That shot of the team in slow motion? Coolest shot ever (okay, after the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars: The Force Awakens) or what?!
  • Hawkeye! The “Hawkeye withdrawal” will finally be over with this movie. There’s not enough of him in the MCU.
  • Scarlet Witch messing with Natasha’s mind just re-proves to me that we will see the Red Room in a flashback and that is not good for my heart.
  • Freaking Thor, man. Why did you say that?! Even Cap knows you messed up big time!
  • The Vision! The Vision! I’ve been waiting for this moment since the first trailer. My heart is crying the biggest, sloppiest tears of joy. Also, there’s already a theory floating around that the yellow stone on his forehead might be one of the Infinity Stones. The stones have changed a lot from what they are in comicverse, so this theory is not that crazy.
  • I am failing epically at protecting Tony Stark. This movie might be the end of me.
  • Have I mentioned how excited I am that we finally got a look at the Vision? I can’t wait to see him in action!

Basically, what this trailer did was add up to the already overflowing excitement for this movie and convinced us that we should start getting emotionally prepared for all the feels that will come with it. We should start calling it Avengers: Age of Feels.

Ultron and his army of robots will come to terrorise us on April 23rd in the UK and May 1st in the US. Anyone want to join me in making a countdown?

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  • http://www.d20crit.com/ tristan

    And basically, how utterly self-destructive Steve is, not to mention making him relive Bucky’s falling with the road breaking parallel…ugh. We’re gonna die.