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#105 Wing It

Quori and Cer discuss Overwatch, Tracer moving into the Nexus, Where Legion is at, Blizzcon, Con Before the Storm, controversy around the Warcraft movie and much more!


#104 Buttgate

Quori and Ceraphus return and discuss Warcraft Traveler, Heroes of the Storm’s new hero Dehaka, Changes to HotS mid-Tournament, Overwatch Butts, and Animated shorts plus much more!


#103 There is no Dana, Only Xul!

Quori and Cer return to discuss Heroes of the Storm’s newest necromancer, new hero in Hearthstone and if it means anything for World of Warcraft, Overwatch update along with a…


#102 King of All Mobile

Quori and Ceraphus discuss Blizzard’s acquisition of King, and how Mobile development teams at King may help out Activision and Blizzard, why the buyout happened and much more


#101 Down and Dirty

Quori and Cer are back to discuss the Blizzard quarterly financial report.  We also dig into the return of the Overwatch Beta, the surprise Blizzard gave to Q after his…


#100 It’s A Miracle

Well they finally did it without killing each other! Episode 100 of Azeroth Pirate Radio with Quori and Ceraphus.  A look back at the ride and a look forward at…


#99 Overhiatus

Quori and Ceraphus return to catchup from the holidays and the current status of Warcraft Legion, the Warcraft Movie, Heroes of the Storm and so much more!


#98 It Is What It Is

After a slew of technical issues, we are finally back with a new episode covering all of the Blizzard IPs, We discuss Warcraft Legion, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm Recruit…


#97 Voice of Reason

In this episode, Q and Cer briefly recap Blizzcon, then get into a heated debate regarding Overwatch and its availability on different platforms.  Be warned this gets intense, some language…