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#88 Treat Yo Self

On this episode of APR, Quori and Ceraphus talk about an esports hater losing his job, Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft Mercenary mode plus reminiscing…


#87 Make Your Own Game

Quori & Ceraphus are joined by Sean (aka Pagangeek) to discuss the current state of Warcraft, what patch 6.2 brought and what people expect vs what is reality in the…


#86 Grow Up

On the latest episode, Quori and Cer discuss patch 6.2 and what it means to the future of the Warlords expansion and the reaction from the community.


#85 6.2 Hobos

Quori and Ceraphus discuss Warcraft’s latest patch 6.2, Hellfire Citadel, Daily Quests in Tanaan Jungle, and Shipyard.  Quori also explains to Cer the importance of a big banana in the…


#84 Not Enough Tanks

On this week’s episode, Cer returns from vacation and gets down to business with Q.  Discussion on Warcraft Patch 6.2, Heroes of the Storm Heroes & Maps plus some Hearthstone…


#81 I’m Back Baby

After a month hiatus, Quori and Ceraphus return to catch up on all the Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone news, including Warcraft patch 6.2 loot changes, Kael Thas…


#80 Ash Before the Storm

This week in our #GamingMoms series, we are joined by Ash. She spoke to usMore gaming talk, and a little hype for Ceraphus over at the Podcasting Tourney of Epicness,…


#79 Starducks

The pirates took a week off, but return with a new episode in our #GamingMoms series. This week we are joined by Baybdoli. More gaming talk, and a little hype…