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#94 Man Hugs

On Episode 94, Q and Cer discuss Warcraft Community Manager Crithto’s departure from Blizzard, Wil Wheaton as a Blizzcon host and the state of Blizzcon gofundme’s.


#92 Protoss Pants

We talk about Rexxar in Heroes of the Storm, Tavern Brawl, Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Trailer & have a discussion regarding the possibility of premium features in World…


#91 Inspire This

Quori and Cer break down Flying in Warcraft, Hearthstone’s The Grand Tournament and much more blizzard news, while Quori verbally assaults Cer regarding fantasy football.

Azeroth Pirate Radio - Goody Bag Fever

#90 Goody Bag Fever

Quori and Ceraphus dive into Warcraft patch 6.2.2, Hearthstone the Grand Tournament, Blizzcon Virtual Ticket and the Blizzcon Goody Bag! Plus there may be some ranting and raving about booze,…


#89 Legion Ho

Quori and Cer return to discuss the big news of the next World of Warcraft expansion…Legion


#88 Treat Yo Self

On this episode of APR, Quori and Ceraphus talk about an esports hater losing his job, Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft Mercenary mode plus reminiscing…


#87 Make Your Own Game

Quori & Ceraphus are joined by Sean (aka Pagangeek) to discuss the current state of Warcraft, what patch 6.2 brought and what people expect vs what is reality in the…


#86 Grow Up

On the latest episode, Quori and Cer discuss patch 6.2 and what it means to the future of the Warlords expansion and the reaction from the community.


#85 6.2 Hobos

Quori and Ceraphus discuss Warcraft’s latest patch 6.2, Hellfire Citadel, Daily Quests in Tanaan Jungle, and Shipyard. ¬†Quori also explains to Cer the importance of a big banana in the…