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#28 Remove the Levels

This week Stubby and Wil talk Destiny, Elite: Dangerous, Tamriel Unlimited and also discuss the concept of removing levels from RPGs to create a new experience.


#27 Intoxicated Equations

This week Stubby and Wil talk Guild Wars 2 news, explore Elite: Dangerous and discuss the next expansion for World of Warcraft is almost feature complete.


#23 Starlord, Man!

Topics tonight include – The Iron Horde is down to three… Are we at the end of the expansion already? – Chris Pratt ran into Blackrock and at least has…

starcraft blizzcon

#19 BlizzCon Is Moments Away!

With BlizzCon 2014 just hours away, topics tonight include: – BlizzCon… because if you are not talking about it, you are crazy – Warlords… because if you are not talking…


#18 Down Under, Belly Up

Topics tonight include – Strewth mate! The Australians and Oceanic folk get shafted – or maybe it is karma where, for once, you are a day behind the rest of…


#17 Hallowed Be Thy Game

Topics tonight include: – Warcraft bug plays homage to Michael Jackson and fails… I guess it does matter if you are black or white – BlizzCon is almost upon us……