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Spock's Brain

Star Treking

With a break from the Pixar Collection, Wil and Kate take on a listener question regarding the new Star Trek “Rules” for film-making.

Tapeta Brave 3D (created full3d)

#56 Brave

Kate and Wil start their four-part Pixar box-set with Brave, looking at Mama Bear Syndrome.


#55 Hackers

Kate and Wil look at the counterpoint to episode #53’s Sneakers by diving into 1995 technology thriller, Hackers.


#53 Sneakers

In this episode Kate and Wil dig into Too Many Secrets with the star-studded Sneakers.


#52 Superman

This week Kate and Wil take a look at the Christopher Reeve’s Superman, how he compares to modern interpretations and what the iconic hero means.


#51 Selma

This week Kate and Wil dig into the 2015 film Selma and look at the seasons and circles of modern day society in what has and has not changed.


#50 Malcolm X

A powerful true story that echoes as an essential viewing is looked at by Kate and Wil.


#49 Raisin in the Sun

This week Kate holds the fort in the studio while Wil dials in from his travels as they talk about the classic must-watch movie from the 1960’s.


#48 Women in Film

In this episode, Kate, who has been working furiously hard on her latest movie, Wig’d Out, catches up with a topic close to her heart.