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Monk Meditation has been on a hiatus for awhile now. We had planned on returning soon as we ramped up towards a Legion launch. It is with a heavy heart that I announce the indefinite hiatus of Monk Meditation.


The show has been running for over two years when a group of monks got together to share our enthusiasm for the show. So, why call it quits now?



As I mulled over this decision, I thought about why I started it in the first place. Some of you may not know that Monk Meditation started as a 90 second segment at the end of The Instance podcast, simply sharing bits of information, like the specs, talents, and abilities of the soon to be released Monk class (it started in the beta of Mists of Pandaria). I was excited about the class being announced and wanted to share my enthusiasm with the WoW community in hopes to bring more people to play the class.

It was this same enthusiasm that I started the podcast. The monk community was just getting off the ground and I wanted us to be a focal point where people could listen or watch to get the news and discussion about the class.

As time went on, we got an IRC channel #PeakOfSerenity where monks could get together to chat about the class. Then we got ChiBurst.com with forums and news. Then the Peak of Serenity discord server appeared. The community seemed alive and thriving.

In that aspect, I feel the purpose of the show has been fulfilled. We are no longer the newest class and sharing enthusiasm for the class will do little to sway people to play one if they haven’t already.



The Warlords of Draenor expansion damaged the reputation of World of Warcraft and introduced a lot of anger, feelings of betrayal, and general ‘salt’ into the community. Some of it justified, some of it not.

As a podcast producer, I have to be knee deep in the salt mines, paying attention to news, community discussion, etc. This has taken a great toll on my own excitement for the game. Every change Blizzard makes, I get inundated with bitter words, snarky responses, flames, and the occasional constructive feedback on forums, Peak of Serenity, and Twitter as I search through to come up with information and discussion for the show. It is tiring and detracts from my enjoyment of the World of Warcraft.

Perhaps I’m following the wrong people or am too thin-skinned. Whatever the case, if I’m not enthusiastic about the game, I cannot convey the enthusiasm needed to maintain the purpose of the show.



Our viewer numbers, Patreon donations, etc has gone steadily down for awhile now, even before the HFC lull. After thinking about this, it goes back to the purpose: enthusiasm for the class. The fact that monks are thematically cool is not enough to hold everyone anymore. They’re not the new hotness (though still way better than those Demon-Blood-Tainted traitors!). Those who are big fans of the class have several other options for getting the news and discussion they need. This has narrowed our already niche audience down considerably and I love you all that have stayed with us.



There’s never enough of it and with me going back to school, I don’t have the time necessary to devote to the show to make it grow and get better.



I will continue playing and loving my monk and will still put together events, like the All-monk raid. And I may even go back to doing periodic segments on The Instance. Who knows, if that enthusiasm needs to be rekindled and a community focus need arises again, the podcast may return!


So long, and thanks for all the chi.

Theme music: John the Return 2K11 – Butterfly Reloaded by Butterfly Tea https://butterflytea.bandcamp.com/

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    Thanks for the good times friend <3