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#15 – Hexen It Up

We talk BlizzCon, Nintendo Switch, and Hexen as we get through with just two of us. Which is twice as many as last time. Humble Bundle has some real gems…


#14 – The Solo Legend

Chaithi is running this thing solo. Red alert! Tonight, Legend of Korra gets discussed, Chai gets philosophical, and Chai gets sick of hearing his own voice eventually. Company of Heroes…


#13 – Doomed to Fail

We delve into the upside down as we talk Stranger Things with guest host Adam from NetFreaks. We also talk Civ V and Doom as we scrap those off the…

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#12 – The Last Stick of Truth

World of Warcraft Legion has launched and yet, Rob and Totem both managed to finish a game! We re-review South Park: The Stick of Truth, talk about the Last of…

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#10 – Firewatch: The New Overkill

Overwatch, Firewatch, watching Pokemon Go players trip overthemselves..so many watches. World of Warcraft Legion looms over us, sucking our time away. Rocket League and Overwatch have had a baby. Reviews…

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#8 – Totemly Transistor Picnic Sale

So many things distract us from our pile. Weddings, work and….AHHH!! Hide your wallets as the Steam Summer Sale commences. TotemlyDrunk is here to talk Overwatch. Pete finishes a game….