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#51 My Mom Thinks I’m Cool

Ging is moving, but the cool kids are rambling about WoW (Ben actually got some game time this week!), earning calls, the Warcraft movie, marketing tie ins, and all sorts…


#50 – Fiddy

Not a lot going on news-wise, but we manage to ramble on about a few things. Join us in our ramblings as we bounce around from movie talk, Legion talk,…


#49 Flopping Around

We flop around from topic to topic since there’s little-to-no news to discuss. We exchange stories about real estate purchases, general gaming and beg the player base to break the…


#48 You Shall Not Cast!

We’re all back…again…sorta. We discuss the greatest episode of any podcast to never be published, talk about some of the outrage in WoW, deal with Will’s crashing computer and chat…


#46 NERDS!

Ging is out adulting so Will and Ben go down a rabbit hole of nerd stuff since there’s not a whole lot of Warcraft news to discuss. Welcome back from…


#45 Felrush Fail

Short show this week, we do some quick hits on Legion Alpha, touch on some Overwatch news and then call it a show. Enjoy!


#44 Piss and Vinegar

This week we’re all back and we ramble about our gaming experiences and dive into Alpha discussions. There may be spoilers, there may not be. You’ve been warned…or not.