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Windwalkers didn’t get nerfed again yet, we discuss how to best use Serenity, and RISE, MOUNTAIN. This is Monk Meditation – Episode 38.
Brewmaster Macro updates: http://sunniersartofwar.com/#macros
Updated Mistweaver Stat Weights: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1605914-Mistweavers-of-Draenor-A-Guide-to-PvE-Healing-6-0?p=30896518&viewfull=1#post30896518

Guild Recruitment:
Annihilus: http://annihilus.enjin.com/
Out of Line: oolstormreaver.com

Theme music: John the Return 2K11 – Butterfly Reloaded by Butterfly Tea http://www.butterfly-tea.com/

Download #38 Pink of Serenity