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CBTS 2018 #8 The Storm

Belle (Moderator), Leeta, Melisaa Schissler, Grandnagus, Cuddles, James “Zerotio” Braschler, Jen, Hydra discuss all the Blizzcon news and their thoughts on the impact to the Blizzard gaming verse!


CBTS 2018 #6 World of Warcraft

Jocelyn Moffett (moderator), Ben Bumhoffer, Josh Corbett, Shoeboots, Rob Copeland, Katie Grace, Frostee, Garrett break down World of Warcraft and what to expect at Blizzcon


CBTS 2018 #5 Hearthstone

Chris Chan (moderator), Adam, Daniel “Stormraige” Shelden, RidiculousHat, Andrew Brown, Kevin Ellis, Espo break down Hearthstone and what to expect at Blizzcon 2018


CBTS 2018 #4 Heroes of the Storm

Scott Johnson (moderator), Jon Jagger, Beau Schwartz, Bacon, Jules Scott, Ryan Rieder, Gizmo, Kyle Fergusson discuss their thoughts on Heroes of the Storm and what to expect at Blizzcon


CBTS 2017 #7 The Storm

Xia, Ceraphus, Chris, Kevin, Tarley, Rho, and Gwozz recap the Blizzcon news, whats exciting, whats not, and what is next!