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Road to 100: #93 New Super Mario Bros. U

Road to 100: #93 New Super Mario Bros. U


So after an excruciatingly long RPG like FFIV, I needed a short little burst of entertainment, and I found it in New Super Mario Bros. U.

This was one of the rare Nintendo system pilot games that starred Mario. Launch titles in the past have been based around other lesser-known franchises, but with the Wii U, Nintendo wanted a huge splash. So they called upon everybody’s favorite plumber to rally the fans into buying the Wii U.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. The Wii U sold horribly, and people consider it to be the Virtual Boy of the modern era. But hey, I love the Wii U, and I definitely got both the system and New Super Mario Bros. U. Buuuuuuuut, this game just didn’t hook me. Now, three years after its release, I’m finally getting around to playing it and it is exactly what you’d expect from a Super Mario Bros. title; pleasant graphics, relatively smooth controls, and innovative power ups.NSMB game

However, there’s not much going for it otherwise. Sure, this game is fun and all (with a few annoying and difficult moments mixed in), but it’s forgettable. There’s nothing to make NSMBU stand out from among its siblings.

Mario platformers of late have been nothing special. They’ve keep Nintendo afloat, and they’ve given me something to play because I love these games. (Also, I rock at them!) But when I think back to Super Mario World, it seems like Nintendo it trying to recreate the magic and coming up a bit short.

The newer Mario platformers seem to fall into two distinct camps; tear your way through levels, or deal with levels so tedious it ruins the fun. For example, I can just run and jump my way through most of the levels, without stopping to evaluate my next step. I can just bolt my way through.  Conversely, some levels don’t allow you to fly through them with ease, meaning you die a lot. Like a lot.

Some of the levels that are based around level movement are just tedious. Like, you have to wait for platforms so you can ride on them. So the levels are as over as quickly as the platforms can carry you. And that’s not very fast at all. To make matters worse, if you die you have to ride the platforms all over again. Rather than relying on your own skill, you are at the mercy of the stinkin’ platforms.

NSMBU also featured easy bosses, and levels fell more so on the side of easy. Also worth mentioning was the game’s delightful music and adorable graphics.

Despite it’s few hiccups of annoying levels, while it is nothing to drool over NSMBU is overall a fun game, and definitely a game that I should have beaten by now. And now I have. And it’s my 93rd beaten game.

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