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Road to 100: #97 Shadow the Hedgehog

Road to 100: #97 Shadow the Hedgehog

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Ahh, yes. Another Sonic game. After I beat Sonic Advance, all of my friends told me that I should play Shadow the Hedgehog.

This game has a stigma attached to it. And sure, I played it a little bit when it first came out, but that was quite some time ago. So when I inserted the little GameCube disc, I had no idea what I was getting into.

I started to cycle through the menu screen, and then I clicked the A-button. The sound effect? A gun shot. A GUN SHOT. WHAT?! Sonic has never been about guns. I mean, I guess Shadow was holding a gun on the cover of the game box, but I never thought it would be this bad.

The whole game is about guns. Sure, you can spin-attack baddies, but it’s so much easier just to grab a gun and blast away. Also, if you ever fall off the edge – which happens a lot- Shadow cusses. He SWEARS. I couldn’t believe it. I would expect profanity from a realistic game, but this is Sonic the flipping Hedgehog. It’s the furthest thing from realistic, at least in the Sonic sphere.

Shadow the Hedgehog is like an adolescent – overly angsty and overly gritty, and for no reason. This game tries so hard to be dark and scary and menacing, and I couldn’t help but laugh. As Shadow is trying to figure out whatever happens in that wacky story, this freaky octopus-looking figure pops up out of nowhere and tries to convince Shadow to do evil. Its voice is so so so cheesy, and the garbage voice acting didn’t help at all.

I have NO idea why my friends told me to play this game. Sure, it was short, and I did like shooting the bad guys… But this just didn’t feel like the Sonic the Hedgehog game I would have expected AT ALL.

But it did bring me one step closer to 100.
#97 is complete. And I promise: No more Sonic games.

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