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Road to 200 #102: Metroid: Other M

Road to 200 #102: Metroid: Other M

By September 28, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments

After a relatively long hiatus, I’ve finally beaten a game. It took me a while to step into this game. Why is that?

Well, Metroid: Other M is considered the black sheep of the Metroid series. Actually, it’s worse than that. People flat-out hate this game, and for good reason too. Other M may be the most recent installment to the Metroid series, but that doesn’t mean much considering it’s been over 5 years since Other M’s release.

People blame Other M for this Metroid drought. This game was so clunky and unorganized…  I’m going to have to agree with the general consensus here.

This is such a weird game. It’s an odd mix between side-scroller and first-person shooter – all with some adventure and exploration sprinkled in. And I say sprinkled because this game is painfully linear. Now, I’m not one for open-ended loneliness in giant overworlds, but Other M had almost no freedom. There was a path, and you had to follow it. Sure, maybe there was a puzzle, but that’s it. You got through it and proceeded to the next room with the next puzzle. And that was the game.

Then there was the cinematic element. And I loved, loved, LOVED this part of the game… until I listened to what they were saying. For so long, I was the guy standing up for Other M. I was the one defending it. But the plot makes no sense. Other M has more holes in its plot than my screen door. And that’s comprised of a ton of little holes.

I won’t bore you with the details, but Other M acts as if half of the series never happened. That’s my big beef. The Metroid Prime series is one of the most well-respected franchises in video games. And Other M just ignores it.

But the Metroid community has another problem with this game: Samus. The Metroid series took years and years to build up this strong, independent female protagonist. And with one fell swoop, her entire persona was ruined. She is no longer the stoic bounty hunter. She is now a self-conscious teenager who is caught up in what others think of her. She’s spent entire games without human contact. Other people shouldn’t matter to her. She’s used to being on her own. But Other M paints this juvenile portrait of everyone’s favorite intergalactic bounty hunter.

However, I found myself having fun with this game. I mean, I beat it, didn’t I? Even though the plot is horrendous and the gameplay is crooked, it was still fun kicking butt. But if I have one request, it could be summed up in one statement: Don’t trust Team Ninja.

Team Ninja worked on some fine games, sure. But they were also responsible for connecting game mechanic of motion controls to the shaking of breasts. How could that possibly translate well into the world of Metroid where the protagonist is a strong-willed woman? That was the mistake that I believe led to this Metroid drought.

I just hope we get a game soon. A real game, not like Federation Force.

But – #102. DONE.

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