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Road to 200: #110 Fallout 4

Road to 200: #110 Fallout 4


Let me get one thing straight: one does not simply beat Fallout 4. There are far too many sidequests and character events to feasibly fully beat Fallout 4. But I really wanted to beat this game.

I started by beating the main quest line. There is SO MUCH more to this game than just the main story, and I definitely dipped my toes into that seemingly infinite depth, but I also wanted to put this one on my Beaten Games List.

The main quest line is awesome. But once I started to streamline the main quests, the story seemed to be moving really fast. And, I mean, that makes sense. Fallout 4 isn’t about streamlining the main quests. It’s about discovering a new location and squeezing every last drop out of the people and the environments in that location.

I did my best to experience it in an appropriate manner. If I really wanted to, I could have pumped hundreds upon hundreds of hours into this game. It’s fun, it’s expansive, but best of all, it’s personalized. I got to play as Andy would play. And I love that. Games can have two-dimensional storylines if the gameplay is flat. If there are set ways to play, the replayability really diminishes.

Fallout 4 is the EXACT opposite of that. There are so many customizable options in this game from character appearance to stat customization. So, I got myself some sick laser weapons, and I kicked butt with Piper by my side. She wore a fancy Sequin Dress as I gallivanted around in a well-cut tuxedo. We killed everyone and everything, and we looked good doing it.

And then, the gameplay started to get hard. I stopped doing the sidequests, I stopped leveling up. And I started dying. A lot. I had to rethink my battle strategies. I had to buy stimpacks. I had to be patient. But I kept hitting those main quests as hard as I could.

Eventually, I completely stopped leveling up. I killed Super Mutants and Mirelurks, but I just wasn’t getting enough experience. I then decided to make it my goal to beat this game at a low level. My roommate had recently beaten what I later discovered was the final storyline quest – and he was around level 70. I was level 28 taking on this same mission. He had this jaw-dropping set of Power Armor, and I had… my Plasma Pistol.

But I beat it. I died a few times, but I didn’t struggle too much. I chucked grenades, and I patiently picked off my enemies. And that was it. I checked my Pipboy, and there just… weren’t any more quests. So, I guess I beat it.

In the end, I sided with The Institute, so maybe that had something to do with the abrupt resolution. But either way, I loved this game. It was exactly what I wanted Fallout 4 to be: beautiful, vast, immersive.

In terms of comparison, I definitely prefer Fallout 3 because of its fresh feel. However, Fallout 4 was a great game; I just wasn’t floored when I turned it on. It was basically exactly what I expected. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It was actually, definitely a perfect game to fill the #110 slot.

It’s beaten. Fin.

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  • Mr. Eonis

    I love the Time frame Fallout is placed in.