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Road to 200: #115 Sonic Colors

Road to 200: #115 Sonic Colors


I didn’t have high hopes for this game. Actually, I was expecting an excruciatingly painful playthrough. I mean, it’s a Sonic game after all.

But… wow.

Sonic Colors was way better than any other Sonic game I’ve ever played. That’s not saying much, but I did like it. It may have had something to do with my EXTREMELY low expectations. The voice acting was TERRIBLE and the jokes were appalling, but that’s Sonic for you.

But overlooking those shortcomings, Sonic Colors delivered. I actually had fun playing it. The levels weren’t too long or too difficult. The graphics were actually quite beautiful. I mean, it’s called Sonic Colors for a reason. Everything seemed to pop, and I often found myself staring at the scenery rather than actually playing.

Finally. FINALLY. We get a Sonic game that doesn’t have a god-awful camera. Out of all the Sonic games I’ve played, that’s my biggest grievance. Every single time. But this kept me engaged. I mean, sure, the controls weren’t perfect, and neither was the camera. But in comparison to every other Sonic game, This totally stands among the top.

There’s nothing to the story. Space Amusement Park. Creatures in danger. That’s it. But the levels were fun, and the music was fan-flipping-tastic. While I was cruising through the levels, the music was my fuel.

I’ll be honest. I was impressed by it. I never expected a Sonic game to actually bring me joy, but Colors did. And I couldn’t be happier.

#115. Over and out.

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