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Road to 200: #116 Bastion

Road to 200: #116 Bastion


I’ve heard nothing but good things about Bastion. And to be completely honest, I haven’t played very many games outside of my Nintendo comfort zone. (This one is available on Steam, XBox 360 or PS4).

The second I started Bastion, I knew that I was in for a treat. The graphics were soft and appealing. And the art style was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.I was hooked immediately.

It’s a kind of top-down shooter-adventure-strategy game. I don’t really know how to categorize it, but then again, to categorize it would almost be demeaning because Bastion breaks all sorts of video game molds.

First off, the entire game is told through a unique narration – the smooth, calming voice of Rucks. He’s a character that you meet early on, but he gives the players a view into the mind of the protagonist, and he doesn’t even have a name. Rucks just calls him The Kid. And as our silent protagonist is bashing through swarms of enemies, Rucks colors in the empty space with his stoic voice.

Bastion delivers some of the most enjoyable combat that I’ve ever experienced. Sure, some of the enemies have patterns which I had to learn. But much of the time, it feels like a shoot-em-up with attitude.

You have a completely customizable playthrough (which always makes me giddy). There are all sorts of weapons and upgrades to choose from to ensure that no two playthroughs are the same.

The story is done surprisingly well. I would have loved this game even without the incredible story because the combat was so fluid, but… wow. The story slowly builds throughout the game. My beloved characters encounter plenty of hardships, so when the REAL problems start, I was thrown. I mean, these characters are living in a sort of post-apocalyptic world already. And then there’s deceit and betrayal and struggle and UGH.

I won’t get into it, but WOW. This one impressed me. And the playtime wasn’t too long which is AWESOME. I didn’t get lost in a story that was self-perpetuating. It was a clean experience. And I hope that more games follow the precedent set by the amazing game that is Bastion.


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