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Star Trek Coming Back to Television

Star Trek Coming Back to Television

By January 5, 2016 Television No Comments
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A few weeks ago I saw an interesting tweet pop up on my dashboard: “New Star Trek series to air on CBS.” I clicked on the article and read it carefully, making sure not to miss a single bit of data (heh) and to exclude the possibility that this was a hoax. I even checked the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. Nope, this was the real deal. Star Trek was definitely going to have a new chapter.

What we were being told was that the show was in its building stages… and that was it. My mind quickly created endless scenarios and possible plot types that the show could adopt as its own. What characters would be a part of this new series? When would it take place? Is it a ship, a station or a planet, this time? Are they going to the Gamma Quadrant? Endless questions.

After what seemed like hours, my mind came crashing back down to Earth with the startling thought: what universe was this going to take place in? Now, you may be saying, “Geeky, what are you talking about? They’re going to use the already established universe. The one that everyone’s known for decades.” Not so fast, eager reader. How can we be sure? The addition of the two newer movies to the Star Trek franchise have brought in new blood, and with that new blood, there is interest and money. Producers may not want to go with the old universe and instead choose to base a show off of the current film timeline.

I was curious to see how people would react to this, so I took to the Twitterverse and created a poll for my followers. The results surprised me: Out of 95 total votes, 77 people said they liked the original universe (ToS, TNG, DS9, etc) more than the JJ Abrams movies’ universe. I’d expected less of a disparity between the two results, but facts are facts. Is this a definitive piece of information? Not exactly… but it does make one think about what direction these producers will go and how that direction will be received.

I am, admittedly, a Star Trek purist, and I would love to see a show that picks up the mantle of the other series and continue onward to seek out strange new worlds. This is a real opportunity to revitalize the show and bring some of this new interest to the older material.

So the big question: “When will we know more?” Your guess is as good as mine. Don’t worry, though. I’ll be right here, keeping my eyes on the internet to see what awaits us.

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