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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 5 Trailer

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 5 Trailer

By June 12, 2012 Pulp Non-Fiction No Comments

Originally shown at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars Weekend, it was finally released (in HD) on the interwebs just an hour ago. Dave Filoni, the shows supervising director, told EW,

“There’s a lot of payoff coming. I think people are going to see ways ‘The Clone Wars’ ties together more and more with ‘A New Hope.’ We’re setting up elements that eventually become the Empire.”

Simon Pegg, who was very outspoken against the prequel movies, tweeted “The Clone Wars. Making Star Wars cool again, twenty minutes at a time” and he isn’t wrong. Pegg even gets to (vocally) feature in an episode as Dengar, a bounty hunter. This is going to be a good season, methinx!

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