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Super Smash Bros. DLC

Super Smash Bros. DLC


DLC is the greatest thing to happen to the Super Smash Bros. franchise since its conception. Rather than being stuck with a static game, we purchase an ever-changing game. We can get new characters, new maps, new music. If the developers see that one character is too strong, there’s an update to fix that. DLC ensures that we get the best gaming experience that Nintendo can offer.

But, when people get snotty about DLC, we start to sound pretty spoiled. I mean, we could just be stuck with an over-powered Meta Knight, or we could have just never gotten Cloud at all. But we did. And it’s awesome.

However, there are some people who are whining about DLC characters – more specifically, the Fire Emblem characters. First off, in my eyes, Fire Emblem is the best series ever made. Not “one of the best.” It’s the best. Thus, I want it to get as much airtime as possible. I want action figures and DLC characters and all that crap. I’m a die-hard Fire Emblem fan to the end.

But, outside of my own personal bias, I’d like to shed some perspective on these DLC characters:
Cloud was chosen as a DLC character because Nintendo wanted to broaden their horizons. That’s why they added Link and Animal Crossing characters to MarioKart8. They don’t want to appeal to the same fanbase over and over – that’s too limited an audience, to be honest. The found a way to reach out to the Sony AND the Final Fantasy fanbases simultaneously. I still don’t think that Cloud fits the initial mold of Super Smash Bros., but in all honesty, that mold doesn’t exist anymore. Why would Nintendo try to make Super Smash Bros. for the 64 again? It’s been over 15 years since the game was first released, and Nintendo has to keep evolving as a company if they are going to keep up with their competitors.

Bayonetta seems to be an awesome game, and Nintendo is doing their best to give it some popularity. I mean, I haven’t played it yet, either. But after their latest DLC announcement, I want to play it more than ever.

And Corrin. People are pissed about Corrin. Another Fire Emblem character? Another sword fighter? Fire Emblem already seems to have enough representation in Smash, so why not give the slot to someone like Shovel Knight or Banjo-Kazooie?

I can say that I’m personally PSYCHED about Corrin. Fire Emblem may be my favorite series, but it also started its North American exposure in Super Smash Bros. Melee. So Fire Emblem’s connection to the US is Smash. It how we first heard about Marth and Roy. And now that the new Fire Emblem Fates will be hitting shelves in a few months, Nintendo wants people to know about Corrin and his/her game.

I can see how people would be upset about Corrin, but personally, I’m super excited. Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros. are practically synonymous. And seeing that even through all of its exposure, Fire Emblem remains only a cult favorite. Hopefully, Corrin will change that.

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(Header image credit to Master Enex on Deviantart)

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