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Surviving Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor: Add-ons

Surviving Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor: Add-ons


Warlords of Draenor: an expansion that takes us back to the very bones of Warcraft lore and has brought with it a ton of new content, exciting new places to explore, and improved technology. But let’s address the elephant in the room – the one thing in WoD that we simultaneously love and hate.


We love them because they provide us with everything we could possibly need: Buildings dedicated to our production professions, accessible crafting materials (for the most part), follower recruitment and missions and a variety of alternative buildings that give us special perks; our garrisons are am extraordinarily flexible headquarters and probably one of the neatest features of Warlords. But, let’s face it. Managing our garrisons is a little less than fun. Keeping up with follower missions, maintaining an acceptable number of work orders at your profession buildings, harvesting your raw materials… it can be a complete pain in the booty, especially when you start getting those alts to max level. It’s unbelievably time-consuming. After all, aren’t there better things to be doing besides sitting in our Town Hall trying to figure out which followers should go on which missions? Add to that the need to hop over to our alts and check on the status of THEIR garrison missions and work orders and it’s easy to burn out.

Guess what? There are add-ons out there that make dealing with this vital resource not only manageable but efficient and less time-consuming. There are two add-ons that are practically a necessity in Warlords of Draenor.

  1. Master Plan by foxlit. Immediately upon installation, you can see why Master Plan is so crucial. It makes managing follower missions both easier and faster. You can look at all of the follower missions you have and, with the click of a button, assign the followers most likely to succeed. Another click sends them on their way! You can see how many followers are idle, how many are working in profession buildings, and how many are still out on missions. You get a comprehensive number of how many of each follower abilities and traits you have so you know if you need to recruit more of something. It even shows you the cooldowns on garrison missions, as well as when you last sent people out on it. And gearing your followers up is simple – just click on the Followers tab, select the follower you want to gear up and click the green arrow next to their weapon and armor ilevels. The available weapon and armor enhancements you have in your inventory will appear above it, and simply clicking on the enhancement you want to apply automatically applies it – no more digging through your bags to track them down!
  2. My Garrisons by Endar_Ren helps you manage your alt’s garrison by displaying a panel that shows all of the garrisons you have that can be expanded to show the missions they have done, mission countdown timers for the missions that are still in progress, work orders and construction timers, and garrison resources available. It even tells you how many herbs you have to pick in your garden, if you’ve done your fishing daily on that character, and your alt’s followers abilities, traits, and gear levels.

Garrisons are so central to everything we do with our toons in Warlords of Draenor, and having the right add-ons for their management makes that major aspect of our game-time so much easier and streamlined. These add-ons are perfect for all World of  Warcraft players, from the casuals to the raiders to the PvPers, so go out, pick them up, give their authors some love, and enjoy!


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  • http://www.d20crit.com/ tristan

    Suddenly I can’t wait to get back into WoD! These sound amazing!

  • Guest

    I love Master Plan and have to have it for Warcraft. I currently have 6 garrisons and it saves so much time. The downside for me though is the add on keeps leaking for me even with reinstalling/updates. Not sure if its the case for anyone else but I have to disable when I go to raid and such.