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Tips for Watching BlizzCon Virtual Ticket

Tips for Watching BlizzCon Virtual Ticket

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Make preparations at home with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket!

Make preparations at home with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket!

With BlizzCon tickets set for a limited quantity, Blizzard Entertainment has the Virtual Ticket that will give those at home a front row seat for the convention. Viewers will get comprehensive coverage for both days that includes panels, contests, interviews, ceremonies, as well as cool in-game goodies.

Fans can take the convention on the go using the free BlizzCon Guide mobile app. But here are a few tips to help make the most of the weekend.

  • BlizzCon panel times are set to Pacific Standard Time (-8:00 GMT). Either set a second clock for PST or install the BlizzCon Guide app as it will convert to your local time.
  • Keep in mind the 20-20 rule: spend 20 minutes looking away from the screen at something 20 feet ( 6 meters) away.
  • Follow the 5-2-1 rule just like BlizzCon attendees:
    • At least 5 hours of sleep in a bed, not at a computer chair/couch.
    • At least 2 meals a day.
    • At least 1 shower a day.
  • Watch the eSports, Opening Ceremony, and Closing Ceremony live.
  • Don’t try to see it all live! While it’s exciting to get it all right away, it isn’t worth losing sleep—especially for those overseas.
  • If you try to see it all at the same time, multi-tabs and duel-monitors will be your best friend.
  • Replays of the convention will be available for 2 weeks after the event.
  • Content will only be broadcast in English (there is no closed-caption option as of 11/5/15).
  • And remember, not everything stated at BlizzCon is the cold-hard truth. Things change between announcement to game launches.

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