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Batman V Superman: A Spoiler-Free Opinion

Batman V Superman: A Spoiler-Free Opinion


As someone with basic knowledge of the DC Universe, I felt it wouldn’t have been appropriate to write a review of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (this is a formal apology to a certain friend for not reading the source material when he told me to… two years ago). Instead, I’m going to share my humble and honest opinion.

Your opinion might not match mine, and that’s ok! Different points of view are always welcome, but please: let’s keep the discussion civilised and respectful. I make this request because the internet hasn’t been the safest place to express an opinion on this movie (why? I really don’t know).


First off, a confession of sorts: I have issues with Zack Snyder. He tends to be quite sexist in his movies (and even off screen he has had some unfortunate moments), though I must confess I enjoyed Sucker Punch. Yes, I am well aware of all the problems with that particular movie, but I am a sucker for steampunk and badass ladies with weapons fighting robots. We could get into a heated debate over this one, but the point is that Snyder is not exactly my favourite person in the world.

And then there is David S. Goyer, who happens to be the man who made those nasty and unfounded comments on She-Hulk (never forget), among other similar situations. So you can only imagine what happened to my insides when it was announced that Wonder Woman would make her cinematic debut in Snyder’s Batman V Superman, written by David S. Goyer.

Enter: panic.

All in all, I always set my Snyder-issues aside before watching any of his movies, and this was no exception. Surprisingly, this movie didn’t remind me of those issues at any point (Lois Lane is problematic by herself and has always been, though he could have made some positive changes if he wanted to). But Wonder Woman was incredible.

Please, let’s talk about Wonder Woman.

Her introduction to the DCEU was good, though we could have gotten quite a bit more of her, but at the same time, this is Batman V Superman and not Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

She is not a love interest: she is a superheroine, and when she is not wearing the costume, she is an intelligent woman who outsmarted Bruce Wayne (in your face, Mr. Wayne). She has little screen time and little dialogue, but all in all, she steals the show – even during the Big Battle – to the point where I dare to suggest we change the title to Wonder Woman and Two Angry Children.

And what about the two angry children?

This is set after the mess that was Man of Steel. While this one holds various links to it (obviously!) it did made me forget about MoS. I’m not familiar with Superman – actually, I wouldn’t choose him. Ever. But this was a better character than the one we saw in the previous movie.

As for Batman… You’ll see; I’m the only person I know who had faith in Batfleck and I was right. He is a great Batman.

Comparisons to Christian Bale’s version of the bat of Gotham are inevitable, but we must remember this is an older, more mature version of Wayne, and Affleck did justice to it. Batman is the one DC hero I truly, deeply like, and having two friends who are huge fans, I know a thing or two – especially about the source material for this movie. There are some details that even I know were off-character and there wasn’t an apparent reason for them. Hopefully it will be explained or alluded to in future movies.

Like with any comic book movie, people tend to forget these are adaptations, not exact copies of the source material. Batman might not do in the movie That One Thing he did in the comics, and Superman’s story might not have the exact same narrative it does in the comic, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. (My Batman-loving friends tell me it’s a great adaptation and I choose to believe them)

But the most important thing that this movie did for me – even more important than making me forget I was watching a Snyder movie – was make me excited about Justice League. And you must know that I dislike the League. Deeply.

Without revealing anything, Batman V Superman sets the bases for Justice League and the solo Wonder Woman movie, and those alone should be enough reasons to watch. There are many things happening, yes, but in the end, these are the main points of the movie.

Did I like it? Yes. Was it good? I dare to say yes. Did it change my mind about Snyder? No, but I admit when a movie is good, despite its creator and what I might think about the person. Did it change my mind about Goyer? No. But he did well by choosing Wonder Woman the hero instead of Wonder Woman, the gorgeous lady.

And now we wait for the Squad.

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