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Captain America: Civil War – for Dummies

Captain America: Civil War – for Dummies


After waiting for what felt like a lifetime, the third Captain America movie, Captain America: Civil War,  is finally coming to the big screen. There are a lot of things happening here– a huge cast, a political conflict, egos clashing, and new characters joining the Marvel family.

But, as always, I am here to help, so take my hand and let me guide you through it so you will be ready for the movie and will enjoy it ten times more. It’s not that complicated, really.

Huge ensemble
Civil War has the biggest ensemble the MCU has had up to date, bringing together most of the current lineup of this universe – minus Thor, who is taking care of business in Asgard and setting everything up for Thor: Ragnarok; Hulk, who went M.I.A after the events in Age of Ultron (but who will join Thor in Ragnarok though it is unknown if the events in Civil War and the third Thor movie will happen at the same time), and finally, the Guardians of the galaxy.

We can divide this mega cast into four: Team Captain America, Team Iron Man, the villains, and the newcomers.

Team Captain America.
Commanded by Steve Rogers, Team Cap includes Falcon, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Sharon Carter/Agent 13, and the Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes.

In a way, this is the team of the rebels, those who are against the Sokovia Accords (I will get to that shortly) and are all about freedom.

Let us not forget that this is, first and foremost, a Captain America movie, meaning that even though Iron Man and many others are part of the story, Steve Rogers will be the main focus – especially his relationship with lifelong best friend Bucky Barnes. In fact, the movie will focus heavily on these two, and how Bucky is reintegrating to society after being tortured by HYDRA for decades.

Team Iron Man.
Led by Tony Stark, he is joined by best friend Rhodey/War Machine, Black Widow, the Vision, and newcomers Black Panther and Spider-Man.

This is the pro-Accords team, meaning that they agree to some degree that the actions of superheroes need some regulation. It came as a surprise to some that Tony is pro-Accords but if we remember what Tony went through post-Avengers in Iron Man 3, it makes sense that he would go for some order and control.

The Villains.
Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo) was rescued from the remains of SHIELD’s collapsed building at the end of Winter Soldier and now we will see him in full Crossbones mode (bless). In the comics, Crossbones is commanded by red Skull to kill Captain America, though it’s actually Sharon Carter (brainwashed by Doctor Faustus) who shoots him.

The good news for those on Team Cap is that the movie is loosely based on the comic, so we won’t be seeing that particular moment on the big screen (this confirmed by Grillo himself and I hope he wasn’t playing mind tricks on us). What is true is that Crossbones is seeking for revenge and will have some incredible fight scenes.

Civil War is also introducing Baron Zemo/Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl) though not as some of us would have liked.

Zemo won’t be wearing his trademark purple hood (yet?), but instead he will be a sharp suited man who turns out to be the mastermind behind the conflict. This version of Zemo has little connection to the one from the comics, so there are a lot of surprises to look for when it comes to this villain.

And now, Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross. The man who has spent a big part of his time trying to capture the Hulk is coming back, and is the one who presents the Sokovia Accords to Captain America (as seen in the trailers). I confess I have zero idea as to whether he is good, bad, or in-between, but if he is one of the people who created the Accords and if he is still trying to capture the Hulk, well… I don’t think his intentions could be that good.

The Newcomers.
This movie will see the debut of T’Challa, best known as Black Panther. Prince of the African nation of Wakanda, which we briefly visited in Age of Ultron, Black Panther will ally with Iron Man, but his main target is none other than Bucky Barnes. My theory is that, among the many casualties associated with the Winter Soldier, is that of T’Challa’s father (friendly or not-so-friendly reminder that the Winter Soldier is also responsible for Howard and Maria Stark’s death).

As mentioned above, he will be on the pro-Accords team, which makes perfect sense, as the Hulk and Iron Man in the Hulkbuster made their own chaos in Wakanda in Age of Ultron. T’Challa has all the reasons to be pro-regulation.

And then we have the prodigal son, Spider-Man. Long story short, Marvel Studios and Sony decided to share custody of Peter Parker, with Marvel including him in the MCU and Sony producing his solo movies. Fair enough.

Spidey will be on Iron Man’s team, and so enters my head-canon which I hope will become actual-canon: so we have Peter Parker, boy genius bit by a radioactive spider. We have Tony Stark, another boy genius not bitten by a radioactive spider. In this precious little world, Peter catches the attention of Tony, who takes him in as a protege of sorts, and gives him that Spider-Man suit that does that thing with his eyes (I don’t know how I feel about that) and – of course! – joins Tony’s team.

My beautiful head-canon makes more sense now because Robert Downey Jr has been confirmed to appear in Spidey’s solo movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. If you want to bet on the veracity of my canon, we can do it.

The Conflict
In the comics, it was all about the Superhuman Registration Act, which forced any person with superpowers to register, giving up their secret identities (or not so secret. Hi, Tony!). For the movie, it’s going to be slightly different.

The conflict will centre on the Sokovia Accords, which don’t seek for superheroes to register and give up their identities; instead, the Accords look for regulation of their acts. They question who is in charge of the Avengers and therefore who is responsible for the consequences of the battles they fight.

The Accords come as a result of the mess in Age of Ultron, and as much as it pains me to recognise it, it was all Tony’s fault (*gasp*). Allow me to have a brief “I will protect Tony with my life” moment:

So yes, things got out of control in Age of Ultron with, well, Ultron and Sokovia and all that jazz, but Tony is not heartless, and wants to make up for all the damage caused. And that’s why he is pro-Accords. Thank you.

Back to the conflict, Captain America is all about freedom; Iron Man agrees that they need some regulation. Let the battle begin.

skovia-accords-marvel-phase-2-box-set-civil-war-720x986-161295And then what?
Well, as it’s a Marvel Studios movie, people will die and probably won’t come back.

There will be a funeral scene, that of Peggy Carter (remember we saw her as a very, very old woman in Winter Soldier) but aside from that, someone else (at least one) is going to at least come close to death… and if it’s Rhodey I’m going to make a riot.

My fellow Stark lovers can rest assured knowing that Tony will appear in Spidey’s solo movie, meaning that he will survive. My fellow Cap fans can also sleep peacefully knowing that Evans’ contract covers until Avengers: Infinity War (same with Bucky. Bless).

Ant-Man is getting his second solo movie, and Black Panther’s solo movie is coming out in 2018; Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Hawkeye are confirmed to come back for Infinity War… leaving Vision, Rhodey, and Agent 13 as possibilities.

It would be extremely sad if the Vision gets the axe because we haven’t had much of him, so let’s hope it won’t be like that. Rhodey is Tony’s bff and if something fatal happens to him, Tony will suffer and therefore I will suffer. No no.

And Sharon Carter… well, I’m not attached to you so yeah, good luck.

Of course, one of those major deaths could be a villain… like Crossbones (please no) or even Zemo (double no). I’m kinda hoping something terrible happens to Zemo at the end which will prompt him to wear the purple hoodie in future movies, just like they did with Rumlow/Crossbones.

But let’s talk about something much nicer and exciting than “who is going to die”: the post-credits scene.

Listen, the next Marvel movie on the list is Doctor Strange, and Age of Ultron did their thing with Thanos on the post-credits scene to start setting up Infinity War, so… I have all the faith in the world that Dr. Stephen Strange will pop up in Civil War’s post-credits scene.

It feels natural, you know? It can’t be one more Infinity War tease because, well… no, it has to be the Sorcerer Supreme. (Please?)

I’m glad we just have to wait a few more days to find out all the secrets, answer all our questions, catch all the Easter Eggs, and cry. Because we are all going to cry.

Like most Marvel movies, it will come out earlier in some parts of the world, so please, please, don’t forget the golden rule: no spoilers. Not even Thanos likes spoilers.

Whether you are Team Captain America, Team Iron Man, or Team Neutral (totally valid team founded by yours truly), I sincerely hope you enjoy the movie and you won’t be too heartbroken. Don’t worry, we can discuss it as soon as you watch it to soothe the feels.

United we stand. Divided we fall.

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