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As I mentioned earlier, Dan Harmon, creator and head writer of Community, was fired. There is no way that this show will ever be the same again.  Hiring a couple of outside show-runners is a bad idea in itself – but with a show that Dan was so closely invested in and hands-on with.  Pretty much showicide.

There are a couple of points of view to this that I’m going to toss out into the ether:

Staff Infection

The cast (and remaining crew) have been phenomenal and as service to them, we keep watching it.  I cannot think of a cast that is so proactive across social media more than these.  They don’t just love Community and love being in the show – it is a (healthy) facet of their identity.

If they (the powers that be at ‘Sony’) were so desperate to get rid of Dan, they should have hired within.  Crikey, among the cast is Academy Award winning writer, Jim Rash.  Still not a like-for-like replacement (impossible) but the show would be in good – safe- hands.  So help me if the NKOTB try to tone the Dean down or re-write Troy’s character…  You’d also not cause an uprising such as we will face/are facing with this current move.

Six Seasons And A Movie
Well these new guys have made TV movies… Ugh, ugly time to joke.  TV movies, frankly, give me the heebie-jeebies.  For a show that has broken so many rules and mindsets, maybe, just maybe, the door for Dan will open again for season five.  Never say never.

The Newbies
Have nothing really worthwhile under their belt.  David Guarascio and Moses Port, who, I’m sure, are nice chaps (and I know some of you like of a couple of things they have worked on), but bring nothing really to the table to ease my mind. Their history, in my view, is of David Spade mediocrity.  Samey sitcom crap that just gets churned out and has no depth.  Maybe I’m being harsh but… well, nah, I’m not.

Utterly Underhanded
The handling of this situation, as per Harmon’s tumblr, is awful.  You would like to think the likes of Sony could conduct business a little more professionally.  Clearly they went to City College as this smells of Dean Spreck’s modus operandi.

Sony Declines to Comment
Of course they don’t want to say anything.  They will even avoid eye-contact if you pass them on the street.  LOOK ME IN THE EYE, SONY!  LOOK ME IN THE EYE.

Thinking Beyond the Crater
You have to wonder if David and Moses even knew what they were letting themselves in for.  I can’t imagine anyone signing on for this job knowing that Dan was fired for the fact that the community of Community is known to be so very tight.  Did they get sucked in in a slightly underhanded way?  I wouldn’t put it beyond Sony.  Anyone who knows or cares about this show must know the hostility they would face in taking the helm.  Me?  I’d rather face a firing squad.

Reporter Fail
Already reporting that Dan has ‘stepped down’ or ‘quit’ this really just highlightsmy last blog/rant/antithesis that journalistic standards have dropped to a shocking low, don’t actually bother to research and are in disgrace to their profession.

Fact is, season 4 of Community will not come close to the intellectual and comedic entertainment we have experienced the last few years.  Dan is going to be missed and we have a few months to brace ourselves for an inevitable crash landing.  I have all the faith in the cast for keeping the flag flying high – but there is only so much they can do.  I’ll remain faithful to this show because of them but I honestly believe the heartbeat has gone.  Prove me wrong, please?

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