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Evolution of a Geek

Evolution of a Geek

By February 6, 2015 Wil & Testament No Comments

When I was a wee lad the word geek was rarely used in a kind way. It was a defining label served to make those passionate about something feel alienated and alone. Truth is, it is a label that should liberate and unite. Thankfully, overtime the term evolved and today it is ingrained in pop-culture so much so that people will argue about who is and isn’t a geek and who has the rights to call themselves such. I believe if you are passionate about anything, then you are a geek in that field. It doesn’t have to be the traditional comic-book, zombie, spaceship, gaming, superhero sphere. If you raved about and got excited over water-towers, stamps, or a sport, I’d consider you a geek and welcome you to the club.

The point is, we have finally taken ownership of the word and turned it into something positive, terraforming the hostile landscape into an indubitable affirmation. We are no different to the geeks we once were – we have just grown up, realized that we’re not alone and that others out there share our passions. Through the power of the Internet we have met like minded people either through bulletin board services (did I just show my age?), online games, forums, and social media. We saw the profile raised of conventions such as San Diego Comic Con, which in the 1970s, had less than 1000 people attend and anyone could just turn up and get in, to becoming the world’s largest annual comic book convention with over 130,000 people from all over the world attend and having it sell out in a matter of moments.

This is our evolution. Continually transforming into something much larger by joining with others, growing, learning, discovering, adapting and growing even more.

The D20 Creative Alliance – that is made up of several divisions and brands – has been evolving the last couple of months and I am excited to announce that we are welcoming Catalyst Gaming Media (CGM) into our network as we form a new division dedicated to bringing you the best in online geeky entertainment. We call it D20 Catalyst Entertainment and it is rather spiffy!

Providing you with more choices in podcasts, videos, live streaming and articles – you will discover even more awesome entertainment and information as you gain access to a wider selection of content that, we hope, will satisfy your geeky needs as you evolve. I hope that you will discover new passions, make friends and feel a part of this community – this big geek family – as you interact with us. Kick off your shoes and jump in!

While a large portion of the shows joining us currently focus on Blizzard Entertainment games, the growth doesn’t stop there: this is just the beginning! We have new content coming and shows being developed in the coming weeks and months that look at board games, movies, comics, console gaming, TV shows, parenting, cosplaying, and content creation, along with programming to bring you news as well as shows for pure entertainment. We have apps being developed, events being planned, web shows being produced and books being written. I’m proud to announce our home-grown podcasts are also evolving with the likes of Kate’s Take – by popular demand – transitioning to a weekly format that will see one episode a month focus in the current style and the other episodes focus more on current movie news.

This year we have D20 team members appearing at conventions all over the USA, and our online store will also grow, featuring more awesome swag, exclusives and must-have items.

I’d particularly like to welcome Dave Rudy, our new Director of Gaming at D20 Catalyst, and Heather Woodcock, our new Director of Events, while I’ll be migrating to the Director of Media for that division. They have both put a lot of hard work into developing CGM and working closely with them the last couple of months has been a wonderful experience and allowed me to focus in other areas of what we are building here and in other sectors of our brand.

Evolution is exciting and I couldn’t be more proud of the team we have that is growing daily. There will be lots of changes coming over the coming weeks while the transition takes place – we hope to make it as smooth as possible.

Until next month, keep embracing the geek!

Wil Derringher

Director of Media, D20 Catalyst Entertainment
Founder, D20 Creative Alliance
Learn more about the future of CGM and D20 here.

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