Heya! Maybe you are purchasing something on our store or trying to connect with one of our shows. Perhaps you have questions about how to become a contributor or concerns about why your dice are not rolling the right numbers in your D&D campaign. While we can’t solve all the mysteries of life, we do want to make your experience with d20crit all the more awesome. That is why we provide several ways you can reach us quickly and easily:

You can contact us on Twitter, via Facebook or  even call our HQ on 747.200.LEET – that’s 747.200.5338. Alternatively, you can click our boxes by emailing:

podcasts@d20crit.com for podcasting stuffs, carbon@d20crit.com if you want to be a writer or info@d20crit.com for general inquiries.


Please note: We do not own any rights to this awesome image of Roy from the IT crowd providing support… and you’ll be pleased to know we won’t tell you to turn it off and back on again. We also can’t promise that an Irishman will answer the phone – but you never know! 😉