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I Know It’s My Destiny


For those of you who pre-ordered Destiny, you got a sneak peek of a masterpiece.

And boy, it’s good. After breaking away from the Halo series, Bungie has been relatively quiet – until now. They’ve been busy concocting the Next Big Thing. When I heard about Destiny, I thought that it was going to be some uncreative Halo knock off. I was pessimistic; I’ll be honest. But the Destiny Beta completely changed my mind.

Now, betas can be a dangerous thing. When a game is in the beta stage, there are only a few little tweaks and twists to do before the game is fully polished. When gamers are playing betas, it’s almost like playing the real thing — but when we’re exposed to betas, one of two things could happen. One: Players could totally enjoy the game. They could spend hours and hours playing the beta. But then, the players could get their fix, so to speak. There’s so much hype around new games. And the only thing on players’ minds is “I WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME.” So when the beta comes out, they play it until they get sick of it. And when the full game is released, they have no interest in it anymore. They got enough from the beta. But there is another option: Two: Players (like me) could spend hours playing the beta but still crave more. In the Destiny beta, only a handful of levels were available to sample along with a small taste of the multiplayer. So I played the levels that the beta offered and I can honestly say that I could not get enough of this game.

When people ask about what Destiny is, I tell them that it’s developed by Bungie. And the typical response is “Oh, I have enough Halo games already.” I know. That’s what I said at first too. But this is so much more than a Halo game. If Halo, Borderlands, and Mass Effect got together and made some crazy hybrid video game baby, I’d call it Destiny.

Destiny is a first-person shooter, but it’s also an RPG. While you’re running around and blasting enemies, you can level up your abilities. Thanks to the different classes, the game is breathing and unpredictable. The Titan class is bulky. You can take hits while dealing massive damage but you aren’t as fast as, say, the Hunter class. The Hunter is nimble while lacking defense. So depending on your chosen class, you can choose your own DESTINY.

There are a lot of RPG elements in Destiny. But the beautiful part is that it plays like Halo. In the sea of first-person shooters, there are very few that actually have smooth gameplay. Left 4 Dead is so clunky; Battlefield is very touchy. But Halo has always been my favorite. It has a ton of action while retaining smooth gameplay. When you are confronted with a platoon of enemies, you can be as creative as you want in the art of killing. But when I died, I couldn’t blame it on the controls or the difficulty level. The controls are so refined. I can distract the enemy with a grenade as I sneak around and stab it. But that’s what I expected. Bungie is a veteran in the video game industry. They know how to please gamers. And Destiny pleased me. Very much.

So while I’m blasting baddies, I’m discovering new upgrades and new armor pieces. Bungie took the armor customization from Halo Reach and brought it to a new level. Depending on the skillset you want, you can wade through the helmets, gauntlets, boots, whatever in order to make the best character possible. You really do look like an intergalactic bounty hunter, and it totally rocks.

Since Bungie abandoned the Halo series I’ve been sitting, waiting for their next game. Would it be predictable? Would it be totally different than Halo? Now, after months of waiting, I have my answer. And the answer is yes. Yes. I can say that I was hesitant before but after playing the beta, I’m confident that Destiny will be a must-have title for the XboxOne. Rumor has it that it may be multi-platform. I’ll keep my ears open.

But, for now, we have to wait. We have to wait before we can fully customize our armor. We have to wait before we can get the full experience of Destiny. Even apart from Halo, Bungie can still make a masterpiece. We just have to wait.

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