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Lore 101: Alexstrasza (Part 1)

Lore 101: Alexstrasza (Part 1)

alexstrasza pt1

The largest of the dragons and most respected of the Aspects, Alexstrasza is sometimes called the Life-Binder, or Queen of Dragons. Imbued with the powers from the Titans to watch over all of life on Azeroth, many have looked to her for guidance over the ages.

As with the other Aspects, Alexstrasza began as a proto-dragon with a higher than average intelligence and the ability for rudimentary speech. One of three dragons to survive from her clutch (one of the others being Ysera, who later became another Aspect), Alexstrasza’s maternal instincts were strong from the beginning, watching out for her younger sister. It was on a mission with Ysera to find their other missing sibling that Alexstrasza first met another future Aspect, Malygos. Although they unfortunately later found her and Ysera’s brother already deceased, the three of them were attacked by another proto-dragon, who Alexstrasza later noted seemed afraid of something they didn’t see.

At some point later, Alexstrasza joined a hunt for caribou, and Ysera was also included although she was smaller and seemed to have a more difficult time keeping up with the other members of the hunt. Always looking out for her younger sibling, Alexstrasza offered to share her own kills with Ysera, who declined every time. While Alexstrasza was seemingly distracted with eating, Ysera approached Malygos about the condition of the corpse of their clutch mate when he was found as she thought there might be some relation to another corpse she and her sister had found, and Alexstrasza became angry, saying they had agreed to not speak of it. Before the two could do much arguing though, Galakrond appeared, and they all hid.

After the proto-dragons began to rally against Galakrond, Alexstrasza was one of the many who chose to follow Talonixa. While Ysera sought peace as an option with Galakrond, Alexstrasza knew that violence – ending with the death of Galakrond – was the only way to stop him, although she disagreed with Talonixa’s proposed methods. Later though, as her sister argued with Talonixa about the fate of some proto-dragons who had been bitten and were exhibiting signs of becoming one the minions of Galakrond: the not-living. Ysera thought they could be saved, while Talonixa felt they needed to be killed for the safety of the rest. Another proto-drake had previously been encouraging Ysera, but Alexstrasza was troubled to see that he did not stand by her when she stood before Talonixa – indeed, the male had used the argument as a decoy so he could abandon them all. As the others looked on, Talonixa seemed to acquiesce to Ysera’s wishes of saving the bitten proto-dragons, yet instead she dropped boulders on top of them once they had been quarantined.alexstraza

Alexstrasza watched in horror, but made no move to stop the avalanche, knowing there was no way to save the victims. Instead of confronting Talonixa though, or comforting her sister, Alexstrasza stayed quiet and waited. Later, Alexstrasza saved her sister from the clutches of Galakrond, and both sisters were saved by the distraction of the Keeper Tyr who lured them to a cavern, and the three of them were later joined by Malygos.

It was while they were in this cavern that Alexstrasza saw Galakrond chasing the other two future Aspects, Neltharion and Nozdormu. She, along with Tyr and Malygos joined in the battle against the behemoth, fleeing after the Keeper had stunned him with his hammer.

Some time after this, Alexstrasza and the three males were approached by Tyr again, who warned them that Galakrond was sleeping and that they would have no better opportunity to attack him. The dragons (minus Ysera) fought against the behemoth, but eventually fled as he scattered them with a flap of his wings. Ultimately they succeeded in killing the behemoth, and after the battle, Alexstrasza and the others were approached by more Keepers, agreed to watch over Azeroth and were imbued with powers from the Titans.


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