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Lore 101: From Mechagnomes to Gnomes

Lore 101: From Mechagnomes to Gnomes

mechagnomes to gnomes

While the Mechagnomes and Gnomes are some of the most recognizable of the races that the Titans created, it’s still unknown how exactly they reacted to the Curse of the Flesh from the Old Gods, or when it struck them in comparison to the other races. Since there are still Mechagnomes to be found in Ulduar and other parts of Azeroth, it’s widely believed that Mimiron (the Titan Watcher who created them) used the information gathered from the earthen who were struck and thus became dwarves to determine how to reverse the curse in the Gnomes.

The Mechagnomes and their current descendants did not put much stock into recording their history, rather focusing on their inventions and technological advances through the ages. Not surprisingly, modern Gnomes share much of their heritage with the original Mechagnomes in that they can be reverted to Mechagnomes through an injection that removes the Curse of the Flesh, and can then be reverted back to “normal” Gnomes through a second injection.

This proves to be interesting, as it shows that their DNA was apparently altered in such a way that they have not evolved far from their ancestors, or at least the curse did not affect them greatly for one reason or another. Until the Second War, the history of the gnomes is unknown. The dwarves were impressed by the creations and adaptations of their Titan-created brethren, and lent their assistance in creating what became the Gnomish capital city of Gnomeregan, located near their own mountain dwelling of Ironforge. This has led to a close alliance between the two races – as both are strong inventors – while the technological advances of the Gnomes have helped to bring the designs of the Dwarves to life.

During the First War – the invasion of the orcs – the Gnomes lacked their own representative at the council meetings, but as they were so close to Ironforge, the delegate was able to speak for both the Dwarves and Gnomes. This alliance continued during the Second War which ultimately pushed the orcs back through the portal, and the gnomes helped to turn the tides, their own inventions counteracting those of the goblins, who were supplying their own technology to the orcs to help in their cause.

When the Third War against the Burning Legion began, it was to the surprise of the Humans and Dwarves that the gnomes did not supply their own reinforcements because of the insurgence of Troggs in Gnomeregan. Ultimately the gnomes were driven out of their city, and their population decimated. The refugees sought sanctuary and shelter within Ironforge. They have since set up their own sector within the city: Tinker Town. They have certainly not been idle since settling in Ironforge, though. While there, they have begun to devise plans and inventions that they hope will help them take back their city, and they have had some success in recent years – especially after the Cataclysm. There is still much that needs to be done before they can fully reclaim their home, but the Gnomes seem to be well on their way to just that.

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