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Lore 101: The Aspects Come Together (Part 2)

Lore 101: The Aspects Come Together (Part 2)

aspects come together pt2

After Talonixa’s dismissal of the five, Ysera ran off on her own to either be alone or find Galakrond. The other four split up by themselves and Malygos found himself drawn to a cave where he thought she might have gone.

Instead, he found himself in a cave with a mysterious being named Tyr. Although this figure appeared much smaller and shorter than himself, Malygos sensed that it was an illusion. He was suspicious and mistrustful of the Keeper after Tyr admitted to having watched the proto-dragons for quite some time as they were making the leap to intelligence and communication abilities. The Keeper took some blame for what Galakrond had become as well, although Malygos did not quite understand.

Asking Malygos to keep his identity a secret, the Keeper began to work on putting his plan into action through the blue dragon, allowing the others to think that everything was Malygos’ idea. While this was going on, Ysera was indeed seeking out Galakrond in hopes to speak with him and convince him to stop eating the other proto-dragons.

Her plan was soon foiled and the five eventually found Talonixa’s raid, who were up against Galakrond in an impossible fight. By this point, he had grown and mutated so that he was covered in limbs and eyes, making him an even more formidable foe than he would have been otherwise. After a narrow escape, three of the future Aspects met in a cave (Ysera, Alexstrasza and Malygos), where Tyr had lured an undead proto-dragon and was observing Ysera’s interaction with the beast. He had chosen to reveal himself to the sisters, neither of whom seemed as suspicious of him as Malygos had been.

Upon leaving the cave, the three went searching for Nozdormu and Neltharion who had seemingly been lost in the fray with Galakrond. Tyr followed, and the four of them came across Galakrond fighting Neltharion and Nozdormu. This time, the others joined in the fight and attacked one of his eyes, nearly blinding him in the process. To the proto-dragons surprise, Tyr also joined the fight this time. With a fist as large as the proto-dragons themselves, Tyr attacked the behemoth, and kept him distracted for long enough that the others had time to escape. They soon came across some other proto-dragons, those whom had survived the failed attack on Galakrond that Talonixa had formed. They hid in a cave, frightened, and did not know what to do or how to survive Galakrond’s endless gluttony.

After some time had passed Tyr once again reached out to the five, alerting to them that the time to attack Galakrond and put an end to his reign of terror over other proto-dragons was at hand. He had known where the vagabond group was hiding and sent the others to them in order to remind them of the future that was at risk the longer that Galakrond was allowed to live.

Alas, this battle, like so many others was not meant to be the final one that brought the behemoth down. Although it lasted longer than others had, a grievous injury to Tyr – whose leg had been bitten off just above the knee – caused them to retreat in hopes of regrouping and trying again later.

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