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Lore 101: The Aspects Come Together (Part 3)

Lore 101: The Aspects Come Together (Part 3)

aspects come together pt 3

The proto-dragons’ first concern when retreating was to get Tyr to safety, and then to regroup to try and attack Galakrond again later. Malygos realized during this retreat that Tyr had been approaching the fight as if the dragons were able to use weapons or were bipedal, like the Titans and Keepers.

With that realization in mind, Malygos began to formulate a new plan of attack using the strengths and abilities that the future Aspects already had – the abilities of each flight complimenting each other and balancing the others’ weaknesses, making it their greatest strength to work together.

Sneaking up on the behemoth was no easy feat and yet they were able to coordinate their attack in such a way as to follow Galakrond for some distance without his knowledge. While stalking Galakrond, the five also described to each other how they fought individually, since not only did the different flights each have their own respective methods, but each individual fought differently because of their varying sizes.

Finally, the time to strike came. Malygos offered himself up as the initial bait to Galakrond, allowing the others to swoop in and attack in a coordinated manner. Keeping in mind that he was covered still in extra appendages and eyes, they chose to concentrate on those to try to both weaken and distract him – also making it more difficult for Galakrond to anticipate their attacks, as he would no longer be able to see where they were coming from. Alexstrazsa breathed fire down along one side, melting, burning and dissolving the extra eyes in the wake of her attack while Nozdormou attacked the other side by breathing a sandy wind storm down, scratching and blinding the extra orbs.

Attempting to predict the leviathan’s attacks worked to the five’s advantage as he had grown to be so large that it was difficult for him to move with any swiftness or to do much to impede their movements and not get too close to him, thus keeping them out of immediate danger. While the others attacked the sides, Malygos flew, hovering in front of Galakrond who chose to grab the tops of nearby mountains and use the resulting rocks to hurl at the blue, trying to weaken him and force him to drop from the sky. Neltharion came to Malygos’ rescue though, and let out a sonic boom next to Galakrond’s ear hole causing him to drop what remained of the rocks and boulders that he had been hurling.

As Galakrond’s mouth opened after Neltharion’s attack, Alexstrazsa dove in and blew more flame along the roof, leaving the behemoth burned and blackened not only on his sides, but also ablaze on the inside as well. While she dove out of his mouth to recover, Galakrond began to call upon the undead proto-drakes that he had amassed to assist him with the fight. Although Nozdormou sought to distract him with another wave of sand, Galakrond’s tail knocked the future Aspect out of the sky and left the others vulnerable to being surrounded by the undead.

Throughout all of this though, one important proto-dragon was still missing: Ysera. Where had she gone? After all of her talk about peace and her vital role in what was to be the final attempt at taking down Galakrond, she suddenly seemed to have abandoned the others – or had she?


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