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Magneto officiating at Professor X’s wedding

By March 20, 2013 Wil & Testament No Comments

Patrick Stewart is going to marry his fiancée, the wonderful jazz singer, Sunny Ozell. What makes this all the more awesome is that Patrick’s close friend and colleague, Sir Ian McKellun, will be presiding over the wedding somewhere in the state of Massachusetts.


What I wouldn’t give to be a fly Nightcrawler on that wall, blending into the shadows and watching from a close distance. Appearing on the The Jonathan Woss Ross Show alongside the current Doctor, Matt Smith – who seemed (and rightly so) very much in awe of his new friend Sir Ian, Gandalf shared how he this won’t be his first time performing such a ceremony.

Geeks around the globe delight as these two fine actors, who have held some of the most iconic roles in Nerdom, will be wondering if Patrick will channel Captain Picard as he stands up, performing the infamous ‘PM’ aka The Picard Maneuver, or if McKellun will arrive in the nick of time and announce, “a wizard is never late…” Or perhaps they will break into some good old X-Men dialogue.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iqI8HMEft4′]

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