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Stubby is just plain better than you…

Like many children, Stubby was born at a very young age.  Unlike most children, he emerged already equipped for being completely awesome.  Armed only with an acute mental agility and a pair of very strong and manly hands, he spent several years honing himself into a geek-seeking missile.  Subsisting only on a diet of beef jerky, spring water and buffalo wings Stubby spends most of his days in a tin tool shed, building things with a text editor and a strong desire to do everything that much better than the day before.

Nowadays he wakes up long before the world to pound the rock for d20crit, talking with a blazing passion about games that use random numbers and sending emails with subjects that are confusing to others (but hilarious to himself). Until the day web applications become self-aware, Stubby will be there putting things right that once went wrong and hoping, each time, that his next leap will be the leap home…

stubbyStay on target…

You can find Stubby on Demoralizing Shout.

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Photo on 9-21-14 at 8.17 PMFave Movie:  The Hunt For Red October
Fave Song: Xen Or The Art Of Xenophobia – Five Iron Frenzy
Fave TV Show: The Venture Brothers
Fave Game: Minecraft
Fave Book:  A Short History of Nearly Everything – BIll Bryson
Fave Beverage: Johnny Walker Blue