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Multi-tasking Hansel…

Taller than Jeremy Renner and with a much deeper voice, Wade – aka Gooba – is a video gaming wizard. With six screens of awesome, he has been known to simultaneously Skype with friends while digging a tunnel in Minecraft – while raid leading in World of Warcraft as Star Trek: The Next Generation takes him to the final frontier.

When he isn’t on his real-life Holodeck, he can be found wake-boarding in the summer and snow-boarding in the winter. You can expect the next Netflix break-out show – House of Candy – will be the story of his life.

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wadeFave Movie: Army of Darkness
Fave Song: Misery Business – Paramore
Fave TV Show: Star Trek: TNG
Fave Game: World of Warcraft
Fave Book: Harry Potter Series
Fave Beverage: Grape Soda