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#57 Live Long and Prosper

This week the ever adorable Kate Chaplin returns to geek out with Wil over golden statues, British chocolate and the terrible loss to sci-fi fans that happened over the weekend…


#56 Pick Your Power Up

This week Intern Ashton joins Wil to teach him about Pokemon, discuss ghosting, punk goes pop and talk about his latest shirt design (available in March on the store).


#55 Clash of the Homebrew

This week HomeBrewedDwarf joins Wil in the studio to talk about Hearthstone, hackers, E-Sports and those rival mobile games that have Liam taking on Kate in the commercials. Spoiler alert:…


#54 Where DC Wins

This week is Adam (@geekofrandom) returns. You may remember him from episode 28, alternatively you may have heard him on the Nexus or Monk Meditation podcasts. He is in a brand…


#53 What Is Geek?

This week @Rilandune from @HotsCast joins me to talk about true nerd passion – the heart of being a geek – as we talk about life, travel, sports, gaming and…


#51 Hacked Off

This week we talk about those Hackers who did bad things… and those hackers who did good things by saving Festivus and taking down the bad hackers. It is like…


#50 Where Sean Eats A Bag of DKs

Welcome to our 50th episode where we talk about Star Wars, Warlords of Draenor and a sneak peek of our HUGE giveaway (valued at over $100) to celebrate our 50th episode…