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#40 – That’s What She Said!

This week the boys are joined by Scotland’s and @BlizzardCasts own Chris Powley aka Akari! Topics include Apple’s fight against the FBI, DC Comic’s Rebirth, the Supergirl/Flash Crossover, and an MIT…


#38 – Cheesecake in the Mail, Yo!

This week the boys are joined by Jinx Brand-Ambassador and Heroes of the Storm Caster Jaycie “Gillyweed” Gluck! The topics discussed include Tyson Hesse’s Diesel by Boom Studios, Kurt Russel…


#37 Well-Trailered Spotted Dick!

This week the lads are joined by fellow D20 Crit’r Sean ( @PaganGeek ). Topics include but are certainly not limited to The Great British Bake Off, Star Wars Episode…