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#8: Furiosa

Meagan and Ward talk about many things, mostly Mad Max: Fury Road and Age of Ultron. But of course, there is also talk about dragons. (Spoiler Warning: Major spoilers for…


#7 On The PT-ARR!

Meagan and Ward discuss Ward’s boat adventures on the PTR, Meagan’s continued Sims shenanigans, and their raiding burnout. Also two new Warcraft parody songs!


#6 Sims and Simsibility

Meagan and Ward discuss Meagan’s Reagency Sims, Ward’s rage over Faralon, and their feelings about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Also a new Warcraft parody song!


#4 Warnerds

Meagan and Ward explain their beef with Warlords of Draenor. Also a new parody song and the usual ramblings.


#2 Get [REC]ed

Meagan and Ward discuss Ward’s fishing obsession, Meagan’s horror movie obsession, and their alt adventures.


#1 Meagan And Ward-Craft Begins

The very first episode of the Meagan and Ward-craft show! Meagan and Ward try to introduce themselves and what they’re all about. Of course, they get sidetracked.